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25 Cool Air Hogs Toys to Drive, Swim, and Fly

Aig Hogs has become a big name in the toy game of late. It’s easy to see why with their awesome collection of inexpensive RC vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a remote control car, plane, or helicopter, Air Hogs surely has something you’ll dig. And you can even find detailed designs based upon brands such as Batman and Star Wars too. So browse down below and find something fun to order today.

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Air Hogs Supernova

The Air Hogs Supernova is unique in that its a drone that doesn't require a remote control to operate whatsoever. Instead, it's operated by doing head gestures around the outside of the drone's body.

That doesn't mean that it's any less cool though. As the award-winning Supernova is capable of performing 30 different moves and 9 super tricks. It comes with replacement equipment too in case any of its rotors get damaged. Ensuring that everyone in your family can enjoy its awesomeness. 

Wall Climbing Car

Have you heard about Air Hog's wall climbing car? It's known as the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Car. Using a simple IR "laser" remote control, the blue blur will chase it wherever it's placed. And so long as the surface is smooth and flat, we literally mean wherever. That includes walls and ceilings. Making it an amazing toy to blow the minds of your children.

Air Hogs Helicopter

Air Hogs has a couple of quality helicopter drone options that reside on our list. The Gyroblade is a straight forward helicopter that's comprised of a metal exterior to give it some additional durability. And it also has great features such as 3-channel control, gyroscopic stabilization, and the ability to fly in 6 different directions.

The Air Hogs RC SharpShooter brings a bit more action into the mix. It too has versatility in its flying ability. However, it also incorporates a pair of missile launchers that transform this helicopter drone into a miniature attack vehicle within your home.  

Air Hogs Thunder Trax

One of the most popular of Air Hogs' products, the Thunder Trax is one of the coolest vehicles on our list for good reason. Not only does this tank have the ability to conquer terrains such as grass, mud, sand, gravel, and snow. But it can also convert into boat form at the press of the button to cross over bodies of water as well. How awesome is that?!

Air Hogs Robo Trax

The Air Hogs Robo Trax is like a sibling tank to the Thunder Trax. But instead of converting into a boat, the Robo Trax instead shifts its appearance into robot form like something you'd see from Transformers.

The Robo Trax can self-balance while it stands upright. And it doesn't just intimidate with its looks, as it can fire missiles from its dual blasters too. 

Air Hogs Star Wars

Air Hogs has a lot of cool original vehicles and toys, but some of their best efforts are their remote-controlled Star Wars drones. There's some truly amazing stuff you'll find at the top of our list. Their Millennium Falcon Quad is a must-have for fans of the franchise. As is their authentic-looking RC X-Wing Starfighter.

The bad guys are represented too with cool designs like Darth Vader's TIE Fighter Advanced or the Speeder Bike RC Drone. But there are nine options on our list in total from the series, so you'll surely find a great toy to meet your taste and budget. 


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