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9 Best Wandavision Funko Pops For Your Collection

Wandavision is one of the best things on TV, ever. Who’d have thought the adventures of a witch and a robot could be so engrossing. If, like me, you love your Funko Pops, there are a lot of surprisingly great choices out there to satisfy that collecting itch. So sit back, cast a hex, and check out the best Wandavision Funko Pops you need in your life.

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What Other Wandavision Funko Pops Are on the Way?

As you can imagine, Funko is going big on Wandavision. And why not? It's one of the best TV shows of the year, so of course we're going to be inundated with Pops. 

Aside from the those listed above, Funko notes there are also Monica Rambeau and White Vision Pops incoming. Nice!

There's also a two-pack featuring Tommy and Billy on the way too!

Also Check Out: The Comics!

Or more specifically, the comics that influenced Wandavision. 

You see, while Wandavision is its own thing, the influences of two comics, in particular, can be felt throughout. 

The first, House of M by Brian Michael Bendis, tells the story of Wanda Maximoff trying to piece her life together by creating her own version of reality. Sounds familiar? It should. 

Alternatively, Tom King's Vision solo comic is widely regarded as a masterpiece (it's also a comic along with Immortal Hulk I won't shut up about). In this, Vision attempts to understand humanity more by creating his own family. What starts as an interesting tale soon turns into something no one was quite expecting. As I say, it's a must-read. 

Even if you're not a comic-book fan, these are really solid starting points. Both stories are, for the most part, self-contained, and you don't need to have read 100 issues prior to understand what's what. If you've seen Wandavision, and have a rough understanding of the characters, you'll find yourself right at home with these two comics. 

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