Best Black Panther Merchandise: Toys, T-Shirts, & More

History will be made on February 16, 2018 when Marvel’s Black Panther will get his own movie for the first time ever. And given that the character is such a popular one for comic book fans, and the early buzz is that the film is incredible, we’re expecting a big boom in popularity for Black Panther.

Now, there’s already quite a bit of Black Panther merchandise on store shelves (and digital shelves, if you will), but now that the hero is getting his own film, we’re already seeing an influx of new Black Panther toys, apparel, and more.

So, if you’re looking for some awesome Black Panther merchandise, including toys, decor, t-shirts and other apparel, and more, now is the time to pick some up from your favorite retailer.

Black Panther Toys

Square Enix Marvel Universe Variant Black Panther Play Arts Kai Figure

Play Arts Kai Black Panther figure

Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai line of toys is definitely insane — in a good way, of course! This line of action figures has a super edgy, darker look heavily inspired by Japanese creators — like something you’d see out of a Square Enix game. The Play Arts Kai Black Panther Action Figure gives the hero an almost Batman Beyond-type vibe. It’s fully articulated, of course, and it stands 11″ tall (so, pretty sizeable).

No, the Play Arts Kai isn’t for everyone, but if you love heavily stylized figures/takes on your favorite characters, the Play Arts Kai Black Panther figure is an absolute must.

Price: $115.08 (23 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Black Panther Play Arts Kai Figure here.

Marvel Black Panther Titan Hero Series 12-inch Black Panther

best cheap black panther action figure

If you’re looking for JUST the basics, it doesn’t get any more basic than the Marvel Black Panther Titan Hero Series 12-inch Black Panther action figure (I use the term action loosely here). He’s great for younger fans who don’t really know the difference, but the figure is a bit too basic for my personal tastes. It’s just $10, so it’ll make a great birthday gift for some young fan.

Price: $9.99

Buy it here.

Marvel Black Panther Legends Series Black Panther, 6-inch

Black Panther action figures Legends Series

The Black Panther Legends Series 6-Inch figure is a bit more intermediate than the Titan Hero series, as it’s a bit more detailed and is more articulated, with poseable knees, ankles, legs, arms, elbows, waist, and hands. It includes the figure itself, as well as an alternate head, alternate fists, and a Build-a-Figure part. It’s a great mix of functionality for playtime and style (if you want to put it on your nerdy shelf in your office). Either way, at $18 it’s a great buy.

Price: $17.99

Buy the 6-inch Black Panther Action Figure here.

Marvel Legends 6-Inch Series Black Panther Exclusive

Black Panther legends series with cape figure

This Amazon exclusive Marvel Legends Series Black Panther looks even cooler than the one above, and it’s one of the newest Black Panther movie toys. This version of the hero features two additional hands, a gray necklace, and a spear. He also has a removable cape. Best of all, perhaps, is its display-ready box that’ll look great on your shelf.

Price: $20.99

Buy it here.

Marvel Black Panther Legends Erik Killmonger 6-inch

black panther legends erik killmonger

The Erik Killmonger Marvel Legends action figure is one of the coolest-looking Black Panther action figures we’ve ever seen. It’s inspired by the Black Panther movie coming later this month, and it includes character inspired accessories, including two weapons, claw variants, and a Build-a-Figure part (a leg).

Price: $17.96 (10 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Marvel Black Panther Legends Erik Killmonger Figure here.

Marvel Black Panther Legends Series Nakia 6-Inch Figure

black panther legends series nakia

This Black Panther Legends series Nakia 6-inch Figure is based on the movie-design, so it bears a likeness to Lupita Nyong’o (who plays the role of Nakia in the upcoming film). The action figure comes with a few weapons and alternate outfit. The figure is highly detailed with premium articulation, and it’ll look great displayed alongside the rest of your collection.

Price: $19.29

Buy the Nakia Action Figure here.

6-Inch Shuri Action Figure

shuri action figure

There’s also a 6-inch Shuri action figure available that uses the movie-inspired design, providing a highly detailed figure for Marvel’s Shuri. It includes a set of awesome Vibranium gear in the form of her iconic panther gauntlets. She’s one of the cooler-looking characters, design-wise, from the upcoming film, and she’s sure to be a popular buy.

Price: $20.88

Buy the Shuri Action Figure here.

Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Hero Panther Exclusive

black panther hero action figure

T’Challa’s incredibly cool-looking glowing suit made with Vibranium gives the Black Panther hero a unique look with the Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Hero Panther Walmart Exclusive. It comes in a little more expensive than the rest, but the design is worth it.

The figure comes with alternate hands, and an alternate head.

Also worth noting is the premium display box it comes in, which will surely be a standout in your collection of figures.

Price: $28.50

Buy the Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Hero Panther here.

Marvel Hero Feature Figure Action 13-inch

black panther electronic action figure

Another cool-looking Black Panther action figure is the Marvel Hero Feature Figure, which stands at 13-inches. This action figure is also electronic, and it plays 20+ phrases and sound FX from the movie. When you swing his arm, it makes a slashing sound effect, too, which is pretty cool. The Titan Series isn’t known for its detailed figures, but this one looks good enough for stand with your collection, for sure. It’s recommended for ages 4+.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Marvel Hero Feature Figure Action here.

LEGO Superheroes Royal Talon Fighter Attack Building Kit

lego black panther

We haven’t seen many Black Panther LEGO sets just yet, but there is one based on the LEGO Marvel Heroes Black Panther movie that’s pretty cool. It comes with the Royal Talon Fighter to build, and it comes with Black Panther, Nakia, Killmonger, and Ulsses Klaue figures. It also includes Killmonger’s mask element.

The Royal Talon Fighter features an opening minifigure cockpit that fits the figures, a rear prison compartment, and two stud shooters.

Price: $29.99

Buy the LEGO Superheroes Royal Talon Building Kit here.

Marvel Black Panther Slash Claw

black panther slash claws

If you’re looking to goof around the house as Black Panther, the Black Panther Slash Claw is super cheap, coming in at just $10. It’s intended for kids ages 5 and up. It includes the claw, which is extendable and retractable, so kids will have a ton of fun it.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Black Panther Slash Claw here.

Marvel Black Panther Funko Pop! Figures

black panther funko pop figures

Of course, the movie wouldn’t be officially considered popular unless it got its own line of Funko Pop! Figures. So, it’s official now, as there is already a first wave of Black Panther Funko Pop Vinyl Figures available to buy. They’re selling out quickly, though, so you’d better try to get your hands on them sooner rather than later.

Price: $7.29 (34 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Black Panther Funko Pops here.

Black Panther White Robe Pop! (Coming September 2018)

black panther funko pops

This White Robe Black Panther Pop! Vinyl Figure hasn’t released yet, but it’ll hit stores in September 2018. You can pre-order it now via Entertainment Earth.

Price: $10.99

Buy it here.

Black Panther Vibranium Power FX Mask

black panther vibranium power fx mask

Prepare for an influx of super cool-looking Vibranium powered things that glow, starting with a first wave of Vibranium toys. It’s a kid-size mask that’s intended for ages 5+, and it’s inspired by the upcoming Black Panther film. It has a push button to activate light effects, and the Black Panther mask has flip-down lens for two ways to see. The mask doesn’t cover their whole head. Instead, it has a strap for the back so that it’s just a face mask. It’s pretty cool-looking.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Black Panther Vibranium Power FX Mask here.

Black Panther Vibranium Power FX Claw

black panther vibranium power fx claw

The second part of the Vibranium-themed line is the Power FX Claw, which is a step above the Claw above. It’s motion-activated with a slashing sound FX, it lights up with surface contact, and it’s slightly a bit more detailed. It’s intended for kids, and it pairs well with the mask above.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Vibranium Power FX Claw here.

Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Helmet

marvel legends black panther helmet

If you’re looking for a high quality Black Panther helmet for adults, look no further than the upcoming Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Helmet. It’s a full 1:1 scale premium role play electronic helmet. It’s adjustable to fit most heads, and it features a Vibranium-inspired design with flip-up eye lenses and impressive detailing. Also has light effects. It requires AA batteries, and it’ll be available from most major retailers in the fall. We’ll update this post with more details as Hasbro sends them to us, but for now, just know that it’s on the way. We have no doubt that it’s going to become our favorite bit of Black Panther movie merchandise when it launches later this year.

Price: $99.99

Available Fall 2018.

Nerf Vibranium Strike Gauntlet

nerf vibranium strike gauntlet

Nerf is also getting in on the Marvel fun (as they usually do) with their new Nerf Vibranium Strike Gauntlet, inspired by Shuri’s gauntlets in the Black Panther movie. The gauntlet is designed to look like a panther, of course, and this one shoots foam Nerf darts. Super. Freaking. Cool.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Nerf Vibranium Strike Gauntlet here.

Black Panther 2-in-1 Panther Jet Vehicle

black panther 2 in 1 jet

There are already many Black Panther movie toys, but out of all of them, the Panther Jet Vehicle just might be the coolest we’ve seen (and it’s definitely going to be a big seller this year). It’s compatible with all of the official Marvel 6-inch figures, too, so if you already have those figures (or plan on buying), know that they fit in the jet.

The Jet transforms into an actual panther, and kids will love transforming it back and forth. AWESOME!

Price: $29.95

Buy the Panther Jet Vehicle here.

Diamond Select Toys Marvel Gallery: Black Panther Movie PVC Figure

diamond select black panther figure

Diamond Select Toys is well-known for its ridiculously high quality figures, and one of their newest features the Black Panther movie version of T’Challa. It looks like our hero is about to spring into action here. This figure is HIGHLY detailed, and stands at 9″ tall. It comes in a full-color window box for display, too.

(There’s also another figure by Diamond Select Toys that you can find right here.)

Price: $44.27

Buy the Diamond Select Toys Black Panther Figure here.

Black Panther 10-inch Plush

Black Panther Plush

A nice, cushy, cuddly 10-inch version of your favorite Marvel hero. Made by Bleacher Creatures.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Black Panther Plush here.

Other Black Panther Merch

Black Panther Soundtrack

One of the highlights of Black Panther is the INCREDIBLE standout soundtrack produced by Kendrick Lamar. It features 14 new tracks with music from and inspired by Marvel’s latest, and it includes tracks by Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Khalid, The Weeknd, Ab-Soul, and Zacari. It’s a heavy-hitting soundtrack you’ll love if you’re a fan of hip-hop.

Price: $12.37

Buy the Black Panther Soundtrack here.

Black Panther The Complete Collection Vol. 1 (1998-2003)

black panther the complete collection

Of course, if you want to enrich your movie-viewing experience, check out the Black Panther: The Complete Collection Vol. 1. It collects all of the Black Panther comics from 1998-2003 from Joe Quesada and Christopher Priest, with art from Mark Texeria, Vince Evans, Joe Jusko, Mike Manley, and Mark Bright.

If you want to get a feel for what Black Panther is and what T’Challa is all about, this is the essential comic book collection.

Price: $25.26 (Paperback), $6.00 (Comixology/Kindle)

Buy it here.

Black Panther Mug (Heat-Reactive!)

Black Panther mug

One thing we love to do with comic book-themed merch is to find a way to buy things that allow us to inject a bit of nerdiness in our everyday lives. One great way to do that is with a coffee mug (being that we have coffee every morning). This AWESOME Black Panther sculpted mug is an absolute necessity for Black Panther fans who love their morning coffee. It’s microwave safe, too.

This Black Panther mug has a heat reactive design so it changes when it’s filled with hot liquid. It’s a great collectible that you’ll actually get a lot of use out of.

Price: $17.50 (12 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Black Panther Mug here.

Black Panther Logo LED Umbrella

black panther merch umbrella

Although not yet available, this Black Panther umbrella is the coolest nerdy umbrella we’ve seen in awhile. It sports the comic book Black Panther logo, and it has cool blue LED lights on the top.

Price: $34.99

Buy the Black Panther Logo LED Umbrella here.

Black Panther Blue Glow Pocket Pop! Key Chain

black panther keychains

Easily the coolest-looking Black Panther keychain on the planet comes from Funko with their Black Panther Pocket Pop! Keychain which has a cool blue glow.

Price: $5.99

Buy the Blue Glow Pocket Pop! Keychain on Entertainment Earth.

Original Hobby Black Panther Keychain

Black Panther keychain

You don’t have to do anything extravagant to show your Black Panther love, as there is plenty of Black Panther merch available that won’t break the bank. Check out this $8 keychain from Original Hobby, for instance, which is simply the Black Panther head on a keyring.

Price: $7.99

Buy the Keychain here.

Monogram Black Panther Keychain

black panther pewter keychain

If you’re willing to shell out the extra dollar, you can get an even better Black Panther keychain by Monogram. It’s a pewter version of the Black Panther head, allowing you to bring the metallic charm with you everywhere. It’s great for backpacks and keyrings, and it looks better than the keychain above.

Price: $8.50

Buy the Monogram Black Panther Keychain here.

Black Panther Funky Chunky Magnet

Black Panther magnet

Perfect nerdy decor for your fridge. This wooden, laser die-cut magnet is super high quality, and it’s a great way to show your daily love for Black Panther.

Price: $5.99

Buy the Black Panther Funky Chunky Magnet here.

Black Panther Laptop Backpack by Bioworld

Black Panther backpack

Show your Black Panther pride with this awesome laptop backpack. Details are scarce, but Bioworld is a high-quality backpack manufacturer, and it looks great, complete with a Black Panther logo with claws on the front.

Price: $79.99

Buy the Black Panther Laptop Backpack here.

Black Panther Movie Logo Sublimated Backpack

black panther backpack

If you’re not looking for a laptop backpack but are, instead, looking for something a bit more traditional and smaller (and cheaper), this Movie Logo Sublimated Backpack (also by Bioworld) is available as well.

Price: $39.99

Buy this Black Panther Backpack here.


Black Panther T-Shirts and Apparel

Marvel Black Panther T’Challa Ruler of Wakanda T-Shirt

black panther t-shirts

There are so many awesome Black Panther t-shirts available that we don’t even know where to start. But, one of our favorites is from the Marvel shop directly, with the T’Challa Ruler of Wakanda shirt. Super cool-looking, featuring the hero with a boxed close-up image. Available for both Men’s and women’s sizes, and available in black, asphalt, brown, navy, and olive. 100% cotton, and officially licensed by Marvel.

Price: $22.99

Buy the T-Shirt here.

Black Panther Suit Up Snapback Cap

black panther hat

Snapback caps are always great, and this one is great for everyday wear. Check out the Black Panther suit up snapback cap, which is official Marvel merchandise.

Price: $26.97

Buy the Suit-Up Snapback Hat here.

Black Panther Action Since 1966 Retro Vintage T-Shirt

retro black panther t-shirt

There’s plenty of quality, newer Marvel Black Panther apparel available, but finding vintage shirts is getting tough. Going retro is always fashionable, and it pairs well with the Black Panther brand. Check out the 1966 Retro Black Panther T-shirt that sports a classic graphic from the comics. It’s available in asphalt, olive, silver, slate, or dark heather. In our opinion, it looks best on the asphalt.

Price: $22.99

Buy This Retro Black Panther T-Shirt here.

Black Panther Geometric Prism Shirt

black panther geometric prism shirt

Another fashionable Black Panther T-shirt is this Geometric Prism design from the official Marvel store. It features the Black Panther head made with geometric shapes to give it a unique look. It’s available in baby blue, white, grey, silver, and slate.

It’s also available as a sweatshirt.

Price: $22.99

Buy the Black Panther Geometric Prism Mask T-Shirt here.

RulerCosplay Black Panther Long Sleeve Shirt

black panther merch

The RuleCosplay Black Panther Long Sleeve shirt is based on the Captain America movie design. It uses heat transfer printing so it won’t fade, and it’s made with cotton polyester. It’s not official merch, but it’s too cool to pass up, and it’s a great work-out shirt for the colder months.

Price: $21.99

Buy the Long Sleeve Shirt here.

Marvel Black Panther Mens Black T-shirt

black black panther t-shirt

Another great official Marvel Black Panther t-shirt, this time featuring a claws-out Black Panther on the front. It’s only available in black. It’s 100% cotton, and it’s here just in-time for the new movie.

Price: $19.94

Buy it here.

Black Panther Geometric Pattern Mask Hoodies

black panther hoodies

Nothing beats having a great, go-to hoodie, and Marvel knows how to make a stylish hoodie you’ll want to wear over and over again. Check out this Black Panther Geometric Pattern Mask hoodie, which features an awesome, big stylized mask emblazoned right on the front. It’s tough to say for certain, but it might be our favorite from Marvel’s own Black Panther clothing line.

Price: $47.99

Buy the Black Panther Hoodies here.

Black Panther Icon & Claws Crew Socks

black panther socks

Looking for some officially licensed Black Panther socks? Look no further than SuperHeroStuff, one of my favorite shops for nerdy socks. This pair features a black, gray, and white design, with the Black Panther logo and claw marks on them.

Price: $9.99

Buy these Black Panther Socks here.

Black Panther Sublimated Comic Book Print Socks

black panther socks

In our opinion, the more socks you have the better your life is. Here’s another awesome pair of Black Panther socks, this time featuring the comic book version of the hero with a backdrop of classic Black Panther comics.

Price: $13.23

Buy these Awesome Black Panther Socks here.

Men’s Marvel Black Panther Pajama Pants

black panther pajamas

Target has an awesome pair of Black Panther pajama pants for men. They’re grey and they feature T’Challa’s mask all over with the official logo as well. Super comfy, to boot!

Price: $16.99

Buy them at Target.

Black Panther Purse

Black Panther purse

This Black Panther purse from Loungefly is a high quality, faux-leather handbag that measures roughly 14.5-inches long by 10.5-inches tall by 4-inches wide. It has applique and debossed designs, a shoulder strap, and a handle.

Price: $68.00

Buy the Black Panther Purse here.


Marvel Black Panther Room Decor

Black Panther Animated Advanced Graphics Cardboard Standup

black panther decor

You can find a ton of great Black Panther merch on Amazon, and if you’re looking for some home decor for a kid’s room or birthday party, check out this life size cardboard standup cutout. It’s super high quality (which is why it has a premium price tag), but it’ll look great in a bedroom and will likely last for awhile.

Price: $44.99

Buy it here.

Black Panther Vinyl Wall Clock

marvels black panther decor

You can find a LOT of cool stuff on Amazon’s Homemade platform, and one of our favorites is this incredibly well-designed Black Panther Vinyl Wall Clock, which features T’Challa in the Black Panther uniform and the Black Panther logo. It looks great on any wall, and it’s one of the better homemade Black Panther gifts you can buy right now.

Price: $32.00

Buy the Black Panther Vinyl Wall Clock here.

Black Panther Hunter Plush Throw

black panther hunter plush throw

The official Disney store on Amazon has this great Black Panther Hunter Plush Throw that measures 46 x 60 inches. It’s soft, and it’s great to for home decor (because, of course, it’s also functional).

Price: $19.00

Buy the Black Panther Hunter Plush Throw here.

Black Panther Chair Capes

black panther chair capes

Entertainment Earth’s chair capes are a perfect way to show your love for a franchise, and right now, they have the Black Panther chair cape available for just $4.37 (normally, it’s $24.99!). We’re not sure how long the savings will last, but I have a few of these capes for my own office and love them. They don’t get in the way, and although they aren’t functional, they’re just a great way to decorate your home office with little effort.

Price: $4.37 (83 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Black Panther Chair Cape here.

Marvel Black Panther: The Ultimate Guide

black panther the ultimate guide

Looking forward to the upcoming movie but don’t know much about Black Panther? Discover everything you need to know about the Black Panther character and universe with this epic compendium of knowledge that includes his powers, weapons, tech, various suits, and more. (Also, it makes a great coffee table book).

Price: $21.58

Buy the Black Panther Guide here.

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