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15 Best Bruder Toys for Sale

Bruder is a well-known German toy company that’s popular in Europe for making incredibly detailed 1:16 scale vehicles and other toys, and while Bruder toys aren’t exactly commonplace here in the U.S., their quality is second-to-none.

Which is why, needless to say, they’re becoming more popular here in the States. These things are the real deal, and well worth checking out if you haven’t yet.

Meanwhile, Bruder toys are in every toy store in Europe, and for good reason: quality. The company’s model vehicles are expertly designed and intricately detailed, so they not only make great toys to play with, but also great props for city models, stop motion movies, and more.

With all that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Bruder toys currently available that both kids and adults will appreciate.

Here are the the best Bruder toys for sale:

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Who Is Bruder?

Established in 1926 by Paul Bruder during a time of unemployment, Bruder originally started out making brass reeds via a small manual press with the goal of supplying them to toy trumpet manufacturers. 

Bruder's philosophy has always been about empowering kids through role-play. Kids play with the high-quality plastic models create their own stories. Not only that, and the part many people forget, kids will also create problems that need solving, thus aiding them in their development in a fun and safe way. 

  How Eco-friendly Are Bruder Toys?

If your first worry is more plastic, you may be surprised to know Bruder is at the forefront of minimizing waste. 

Rather than wasting plastic, instead, Bruder makes a point of collecting any plastic residue and reintroduces it back into the material cycle. 

Not only that, but Bruder also create recyclable packaging and has been operating a certified energy management system since 2015.

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