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11 Best Fidget Pad Controllers: Your Ultimate Guide

Fidgeting helps. Science proves it. Therapists agree. It just helps. So whether you’re picking one up for a child or an adult, these are the best fidget pad controllers and gizmos you really need to try out that won’t break the bank.

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How Helpful Are Fidget Pads for Autism?

While fidget toys aren't a cure for anything, they do offer up potential calming options, especially for those of us with ADHD, ASD, Autism, and anxiety-related and sensory disorders. 

The idea behind them is pretty simple. By keeping the user's hands and fingers busy, their mind is focusing on something. 

That in turn actually allows them to be more focused on other areas as well. Think of it like this: instead of worrying, your mind is focused on clicking or touching or rolling the toy. This helps to calm and opens the mind up to what it is they should be doing. 

It's so effective for some people that schools have started allowing either a fidget pad or fidget toy into classrooms. How cool is that?

Are Fidget Toys for Adults As Well?

Yes! Any type of fidget toy can be used by adults as well as kids. 

Although it's easy to feel a little silly playing with something that looks like a kid's toy, don't let that put you off. The idea of focused distraction isn't just a kid thing. It works for adults just as well.  

Another point to consider, if you are worried about people making fun of you, just keep it in a coat pocket. 

Coat pockets are much larger than jeans pockets, which gives us enough space to use the device without anyone seeing it. 

The other option, of course, is to simply not care what other people think. Seriously, if someone has a problem with it, that's a them problem, not a you problem. If it helps, who cares what other people think?