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15 Best Fidget Toys for Anxiety in 2022

Don’t know your fidget spinner from your peapod toy? Don’t worry, we’re here to bring you the best fidget toys for anxiety available to pick up right this second and explain why you need them in life.

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What Are the Benefits of Fidget Toys? 

Although it may sound counterproductive, fidgeting can help kids to concentrate. 

According to TherapyShoppe, multiple research papers show that children with ADHD, for example, have a higher concentration and offer more correct responses the more they move, be it running around or keeping their hands busy with a toy. 

It's the same for children with sensory processing differences. The more consensual sensory input they receive, the more attentive they become. 

In short, fidget toys can help with concentration and also to relax through sensory distraction, especially when it comes to ADHD and ASD

Who Are Fidget Toys For?

Although there is a focus on kids of all ages, fidget toys can be used by anyone who wants to try them. And yes, that includes adults. 

While kids may be more inclined to try different kinds of fidgets, adults can be harder to convince. That's why it's worth always keeping in mind who you're buying for. If they're older, go with something more stylish, like the Infinity Cube, for example. Chances are, the more grown-up aesthetic is likely to be a factor in getting them to use it. 

Also consider size as well. Not every adult will want to crank out a peapod toy in public, but if it fits in their jacket pocket, they can fidget with it without anyone else seeing. 

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