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15 Best LEGO Friends Sets for Girls

Looking for awesome LEGO Friends sets for your kids to play with? Look no further than the list below. Here are the top 10 best LEGO Friends sets for girls available in 2022.

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Back in 2012, LEGO set out to create "legos for girls" by creating a new line of toys and marketing them to girls ages 5 and up. We're not sure why LEGO did it, as LEGOs are for both boys and girls. However, it spawned the many LEGO Friends sets we have today.

The new brand launched with 23 sets at the time and they feature five main characters set in the fictional town of Heartlake City. Of course, each of those five characters — Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia, and Stephanie — have their own distinct personalities and interests, giving young girls a new character to relate to. So whether your little girl liked to adventure at the beach or prefers to paint the landscape, the idea is that there was/is a LEGO Friends character for her to latch onto.

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