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25 Best Peppa Pig Toys Your Kids Will Love

Do your children walk around the house asking to “have a go” and question when they can “go on holiday?” Well, if your family isn’t English, then your kids are probably big Peppa Pig fans. The series has been a beloved one by children across the globe since it premiered in 2004. Alongside shows like Bluey, it’s still as popular as any other kid’s show you’ll find. . And with that popularity comes a plethora of toys.

Below you’ll find outdoor Peppa Pig toys, playsets, building sets, bath toys, figurines, and a ton more. So if your little one loves watching Peppa and her family on the telly, they’ll surely love a few of our Best Peppa Pig Toys selections below.


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Peppa Pig Youtube

If your child is anything like mine, then they were first introduced to the delightful world of Peppa Pig through the YouTube app on their smart devices or tablets. There are many fake channels out there that use the program for clicks, but the official Peppa Pig channel looks to host every episode since the show's inception back in 2004 for purchase. That's hundreds of episodes for your little one to enjoy.

Outside of purchasable episodes, the channel is constantly streaming episodes of the show free of charge. So whether you want to watch whatever is live for free, or build your catalog with buys, there are plenty of Peppa options out there. 

Peppa Pig House

If you're looking for a Peppa Pig House for your child to play with, our top choice has to be the Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Family Home Feature Playset. At 22-inches tall, the house has 4 separate floors with a total of 7 rooms to play within. 

There are 13 accessories included. Peppa Pig, George, and Zoe Zebra figurines come within the set. And there are numerous sounds and lights to keep your child engaged all throughout playtime. 

Peppa Pig Stuffed Animal

Peppa Pig and her brother George love their stuffed animals. And you can bring those same figures into your home thanks to the Peppa Pig Tea Party Set. On top of the Peppa Pig stuffed animals, the tea set comes with a slew of other accessories - including a teapot that makes noise as it pours that imaginary cup of fantastic tea. 

However, if you're looking for a pure stuffed animal collection, you've got to go with the Peppa Pig - 4 Pack Family Plush. It includes the four primary members of the Pig family, including Peppa, George, Mummy, and Daddy Pig. Each of which is comprised of velvety plush fabric and is accurately detailed to match their animated show counterparts. 

Peppa Pig Figures

If you're on the hunt for Peppa Pig figurines, we recommend the Peppa Pigs Carry Along Friends set. The package includes 9 figures to get your child's collection off to a great start: Suzy Sheep, Candy Cat, Emily Elephant, Edmund Elephant, Pedro Pony, Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit, Peppa Pig, and George.

But the big draw is the carrying case that's at the heart of the Carry Along Friends set. It allows for up to 20 Peppa Pig figures in total. And it sports a convenient handle for your child to carry it with. It in addition to one of the various Peppa playsets will ensure you're child is good to go.