Steam Deck Dock Black Friday Deals: Save up to 39%

Steam Deck Dock Black Friday Deals


As the resident Steam Deck expert at Heavy, I understand how important getting a good dock for the Steam Deck is. You absolutely do not want to go with cheap models. Those things lack the ability to output at 4K and 60 frames per second. What you want is something that’s a good balance of price and power.

With that in mind, I’ve spent some time looking at what’s available and on offer for Black Friday, and these are my top Steam Deck dock Black Friday deals worth checking out.

Our Pick: JSAUX 6-in-1 Docking Station: $37.99 (was $49.99) 


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I’ve talked about how great the JSAUX line of Steam Deck docks is. They are the perfect mix of quality design and doing what you need it to.

The JSAUX 6-in-1 dock packs in a USB-C-in power port, three USB slots, HDMI-in, and an ethernet port. There’s also a built-in cable that connects to the top of the Steam Deck.

It is by far the easiest Steam Deck dock to understand. Your HDMI cable goes into the HDMI slot, any wired accessories go into the USB ports, the power supply that came with your Steam Deck goes into the USB-C-in – it’s a doddle to set up. I own the 7-in-1 version (which isn’t on offer, sadly) and it just works without any fuss.

JASUX also smartly included special grips in the design that holds the Steam Deck in place when it’s docked. It’s still easy to pick up, but if – somehow – you know it, it isn’t going to go flying.

Resolution: 4K | Refresh Rate: 60-hertz

Cheapest: Lemorele 8-in-1 USB C Hub: $15.99 (was $29.99)


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I personally wouldn’t pick the Lemorele 8-in-1 USB dock, but if you’re after an inexpensive way to see whether docking your Deck is for you, this is the cheapest way to go.

In terms of what’s here, this 8-in-1 dock includes the things you need: an HDMI slot, USB-C in, two USB ports, and an SD card slot.

Now, this isn’t anywhere near technical enough to handle the Steam Deck perfectly. It’s also only 30-hertz which limits how fluid games will move.

As I say, this is purely for those looking for a cheap option to test and tinker. If you want the best, go with either of the JSAUX docks.

Resolution: 4K | Refresh Rate: 30-hertz

UGREEN USB-C Hub: $36.49 (was $69.99)


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Although I’m not a fan of the Lemorele dock, that isn’t to say USB docks aren’t a good idea. They very much are if you’re buying a high-quality one.

Take the UGREEN USB-C Hub, for example. Here you’ve got 4K visuals along with a 60-hertz refresh rate. Not only that, alongside the stellar HDMI option you’ve also got an ethernet port, USB-C charging port, SD and MicroSD card reader, and two USB ports.

That is, essentially, everything you’d need to get up and running.

The ethernet port in particular is pretty decent too, offering speeds of up to 1000 megabytes per second. Nice!

There is, of course, the issue that this is a HUB rather than a dock (hubs lay flat, docks let the Steam Deck slot in). Given how close the price is to the unofficial Steam Deck docks in this guide, it’s only really worth it if you’re desperate to use an SD card as the JSAUX docks lack that feature.

Resolution: 4K | Refresh Rate: 60-hertz

JSAUX 5-in-1 Docking Station: $29.99 (was $39.99)


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Like the JSAUX dock from the top of this page but think it’s too pricey? How about we ditch one of the USB ports so you have two instead of three?

That’s the only real difference here. This version of the dock is slightly more compact, but other than that, everything that applies to the 6-in-1 applies to the 5-in-1. High-quality, solid design, and holds your deck firmly in place.

The real question you need to ask is if will you need that extra USB port. For me, yes, I do. Mouse, keyboard, USB hard drive – that’s three slots. If you don’t plan on hooking up an external storage device, you could make do with the two slots. If not, stick with the 7-in-1.

Resolution: 4K | Refresh Rate: 60-hertz

Is the Offical Steam Deck Dock on Offer for Black Friday?

Nope! It’s still $89 on the official Valve website.

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