11 Funny Wedding Toppers for Your Cake


Incorporating personal touches throughout any wedding is a key factor in making the event feel special and unique. Small details that speak to the individuality of a couple and their relationship are what guests will notice and walk away remembering.

Funny wedding toppers are a great spot to add in a little bit of humor without going too over the top – no pun intended. Even if you’re planning to shy away from a traditional multi-tiered wedding cake, a small cutting cake is a great place to display a decorative topper.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite funny cake toppers below.

If you’re looking for additional options, both silly and more serious, check out a larger selection of wedding cake toppers here.

A simple and traditional option is a monogram cake topper. Here are some of our favorite monogram wedding cake topper picks for you to shop.

1. High Five Bride & Groom Figurine

high five wedding cake topper

(Weddingstar Inc.)

Weddings are a lot of work and so are relationships, so if you’ve made it to this point, you deserve a high five. This ceramic cake topper is meant for any light-hearted, fun-loving couples.

If you’re feeling a bit more risqué, this booty grabbing bride is another silly option by the same designer that showcases the playful side of any relationship.

Price: $26.26 each (Bride and groom toppers sold separately)

Buy this funny cake topper here.

2. Shit Just Got Real Wedding Cake Topper

shit just got real wedding cake topper


Committing to marriage is kind of a big deal, and it’s best to go into such a big commitment with a little bit of humor on your side (and of course a lot of love). This one alludes to that little (big) promise you just made to each other and the reason for your current celebrations with a funny tone.

The cake topper is made of wood and is available in several colored finishes based on your preference. If you and your fiance are the type who might joke about being slightly terrified of marriage (in a good way), this is a cake topper your guests will surely appreciate.

NgoCreations has a ton of great designs if this one isn’t for you.

Price: $30

Buy this funny wedding topper here.

3. Football Themed Wedding Cake Topper

football themed wedding cake topper

(Charming Collections)

Grooms – we know that as much as you love your soon to be wife, there’s a special corner of your heart reserved for your favorite sports team.

The only reason that you’ve made it to the altar is because your significant other understands and accepts that on Sundays your priorities shift ever so slightly.

This cake topper can be ordered to reflect your team of choice and includes a custom helmet, soda can, and football, along with the bride, groom, and stand.

If football isn’t your thing, here are some other sports themed cake toppers.

Price: $49.99

Buy this funny wedding topper here.

4. Finally! Wedding Cake Topper

finally wedding cake topper

(Sugar Yeti)

These things take time. We love this cake topper for any couple who may have taken a little longer than average to tie the knot.

Guests will be sure to giggle at the obvious reason for the exclamation point at the end of this topper.

This design comes in 18 various color and finish options, so there’s no doubt you’ll find an option that matches your aesthetic. It’s sweet, simple, and silly. Check out a few additional cake topper options with the same text.

Price: $19.95 – $49.95 depending on color and style

Buy this funny cake topper here.

5. Texting Bride and Groom Figurine

texting bride and groom wedding cake topper

(Lillian Rose)

Millennial brides and grooms will surely laugh at the accuracy of this wedding cake topper.

The cell phone culture is a huge part of everyday life and weddings are not excluded. We’re all guilty of the same cell phone obsessed behavior – constantly texting, scrolling, and refreshing.

Throw a #weddinghashtag on the base of this topper some extra humor. This cake topper is another option for couples who can’t seem to disconnect.

Price: $19.29

Buy this funny cake topper here.

6. Personalized Weightlifting Bride and Groom Figurines

weightlifting funny wedding cake topper

(Wedding Bee)

If you’re someone who refers to your significant other as a swollmate, spends hours at the gym (do you even lift, bro?), and carefully calculates every calorie before ingesting anything, then your wedding cake should be adorned with this topper. Your friends and family will appreciate the humor and the self recognition.

This cake topper is more expensive than some other options on the list, but it is the most customizable in terms of clothing design, hair style, and hair color, among several other details.

If you’re not a gym rat, but love the design of this topper, here are some other highly customizable options from Wedding Bee.

Price: $169

Buy this funny wedding topper here.

7. Reluctant Bride Cake Topper

reluctant bride wedding cake topper


This cake topper is a far cry from your traditional wedding clad bride and groom.

Depending on your relationship (and on which scenario will earn the most laughs), you can choose whether you’d like the bride or groom to be the reluctant partner.

The size of this topper makes it a good choice for smaller wedding cakes and it’s also one of the most affordable options available.

You can browse additional inexpensive wedding cake toppers here.

Price: $14.12

Buy this funny cake topper here.

8. Star Wars You’re the Obi Wan For Me Wedding Cake Topper

star wars wedding cake topper


Star Wars super fans should look no further. This cake topper is one (and perhaps the only appropriate) way to incorporate your love for a galaxy far far away into your wedding day – lightsabers and all.

We couldn’t pick a favorite Star Wars inspired cake topper, so we recommend you also check out this Han and Leia cake topper, this Imperial Walker option, or this Yoda topper before making a final decision.

Price: $15

Buy this funny cake topper here.

9. You’re My Lobster Wedding Cake Topper

you're my lobster wedding cake topper


Calling all Friends fans. Channel your inner Ross and Rachel with this handmade cake topper. The elegant script font balances out the silly message behind this topper.

We especially like this option for beachside, summer, or nautical themed weddings. If you’re looking for something similar with a pop of color, this red acrylic cake topper has the same text.

Price: $28

Buy this funny cake topper here.

10. Drunk Bride Wedding Cake Topper

drunk bride wedding cake topper


When someone says “wedding”, the next thought that usually comes to mind is “open bar”. If you and your sweetheart are party animals who are always having (too much) fun, this hilarious wedding cake topper belongs on your cake.

If you like this cake topper, here are a few others that subtly suggest that you and your beau sometimes have one too many.

If you’d like to continue browsing cake topper designs, check them out here.

Price: $17.99

Buy this funny cake topper here.

11. Lillian Rose Selfie Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper

Selfie cake Topper

Lillian Rose

It’s 2018, and while they’re not new, selfies are still a big part of any celebration. The current generation getting married is known for being tied to their phones at all times, and taking pictures of just about everything. This is perfect for a couple who loves posting to social media and uses lots of #hashtags.

If you’d like to continue browsing cake topper designs, check them out here.

Price: $31.90 (9 percent off MSRP)

Buy this funny cake topper here.

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