Top 10 Best Personalized Wedding Hangers

Personalized wedding hangers are an awesome gift for brides and bridesmaids alike. If you’re a bride and still haven’t been gifted one, grab one for yourself. They’re relatively inexpensive and great to combine with a few other token items for the big day. Personalized hangers are a sweet detail that really stands out, especially in photos.

We’ve found hangers customized with hand-painting, engraving, wire art, and more, all at affordable prices. These hangers are all designed and equipped to hold a heavy dress without a problem, so once it’s hung and ready to be photographed you can be stress free. Shop our favorite personalized wedding hangers below.

The engraved hangers that top this list are our absolute favorite – available in various wood tones with a beautiful calligraphy font that bridesmaids and brides will love.

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