Top 10 Best Ring Bearer Gifts

ring bearer gifts, bridal party gifts, ring bearer gift ideas

As the bride and groom, you probably have a list of gifts you’ll need to purchase before the big day. Gifts for your parents are essential, and gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen are also important, but remember not to forget about the little guys. Gifts for the ring bearer (and flower girl) are must haves for a few reasons.

Depending on their age, you might need a little help in teaching them exactly what their job for the day is. Token gifts tend to make them a little bit more excited about the whole process. There are several books that help educate and inspire ring bearers for their big walk down the aisle.

There’s also a lot of down time on wedding days, so your ring bearer might be dressed in his adorable tuxedo with nothing to do between photos, the ceremony, and the reception. This can be a recipe for disaster, but the right gift can keep him content and occupied during these less exciting moments.

We also love the idea of a gift that adds to his look for the day – a bowtie, a tee shirt, or even a badge that says “ring security” are great options (and let’s be honest – the adults love it too).

Browse the list below for the best gifts for ring bearers. We recommend purchasing a few for an awesome ring bearer gift bag. Don’t miss our list of the best gifts for flower girls and this post on the best ring bearer boxes and pillows.

Don’t miss the opportunity to register for wedding gifts on Amazon. Create a registry here in just a few simple steps. There are tons of benefits and exclusive offers available only to those who register with Amazon. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide, which answers the most commonly asked questions and outlines the top 100 items every couple should have on their registry.

1. Personalized Ring Bearers Baseball Gift

ring bearer gifts, bridal party gifts, ring bearer gift ideas

(My Personal Memories)

Great as a stand-alone gift or as part of a ring bearer gift bag, this baseball is fun and thoughtful. Each baseball is a standard size Rawling ball, featuring complimentary personalization at no extra cost. If you have more than one ring bearer to shop for, simply add each baseball to your cart one at a time, with the various names of each. The turnaround time on these baseballs is wonderful, especially for last minute shoppers. You can expect the entire order to ship within one to three days.

Price: $12.99

Buy this ring bearer gift here.

2. Ring Bearer Wedding Activity Backpack

ring bearer gifts, bridal party gifts, ring bearer gift ideas

(Friendly Weddings)

This little ring bearer backpack takes the guess work and assembly out of an awesome collection of gifts for the special guy in your wedding party. The backpack includes a few token gifts along with several activities that will keep him occupied and busy during any down time on the wedding day. In the special ring bearer backpack you’ll find a model limousine, a 24-page activity book, a card that he can decorate to gift to the bride and groom, and a puzzle. You can find the flower girl’s version here.

Price: $29.95

Buy this ring bearer gift here.

3. Personalized Mini Baseball Bat

ring bearer gifts, bridal party gifts, ring bearer gift ideas

(My Personalized Memories)

If you’ve got a baseball fan (or two) on your hands, this affordable and personalized gift is an impressive ring bearer’s gift. The mini baseball bat isn’t actually for playing, but is a miniature sized bat meant to be displayed. Measuring 18 inches long, the bat is engraved with the ring bearers name, his title, and the wedding date. If your ring bearer is more into football, check out this ring bearer plush football.

Price: $15.99

Buy this ring bearer gift here.

4. Lillian Rose Ring Bearer Security Duffel Bag

ring bearer gifts, bridal party gifts, ring bearer gift ideas

(Lillian Rose)

There’s nothing cuter than a ring bearer who takes his job of protecting the rings (very) seriously. There are so many cute products on the market that cater to the security guard ring bearer and the kids love every single one of them. Grab one of these ring security tees for him to sport under his suit jacket, ring security sunglasses, and the bag above to complete the look. This toy security briefcase is another great option.

Price: $17.95

Buy this ring bearer gift here.

5. Personalized Ring Bearer Teddy Bear

ring bearer gifts, bridal party gifts, ring bearer gift ideas

(Mandy’s Moon Personalized Gifts)

If you’re shopping for a younger guy (two years and under) some of these other gifts might be over their head. This little teddy bear is an awesome personalized gift for the little ones, and will be by their side throughout the day, especially if they get a little bit of stage fright. Each bear sports a ring bearer design, personalized with his name on front as well as the wedding couple’s names and wedding date on back. We also can’t help but appreciate the play on words of “Ring BEARer” – get it?

Price: $24.99

Buy this ring bearer gift here.

6. Elastic Adjustable Solid Suspender & Bow Tie Gift Set

ring bearer gifts, bridal party gifts, ring bearer gift ideas


Available in a multitude of colors (12 to be exact), this adorable bow tie and suspender gift set is perfect to keep your ring bearer looking sharp on your wedding day. The set is available in three various sizes for kids – 6 months to 30 months, 30 months to 7 years, and 6 years and older (up to 5 ft. tall). The set includes a gorgeous satin bow tie and woven elastic suspenders, which are both adjustable for a more precise fit. If you need help shopping for formalwear for the rest of his outfit, you can check out tons of highly rated suit options here.

Price: $17.99 (5 percent off MSRP)

Buy this ring bearer gift here.

7. LogoLenses Wedding Classic Sunglasses

ring bearer gifts, bridal party gifts, ring bearer gift ideas


These fun sunglasses aren’t just a fun accessory for the ring bearer, but they’re also available for every member of the bridal party including groomsmen, bridesmaids, best man, maid of honor, parents, and of course the bride and groom. The inexpensive glasses are great to add to personalized gift bags and would make for an amazing photo opportunity with the entire group. Each pair is constructed with a composite frame, plastic lens, and one way vision logo lenses with 100 percent UV protection.

Price: $9.99

Buy this ring bearer gift here.

8. Kids Ring Bearer Duties T-Shirt

ring bearer gifts, bridal party gifts, ring bearer gift ideas


This inexpensive tee pretty much sums up the essence of being a ring bearer and we love this gift for him to wear at the rehearsal dinner or the day of the wedding, before the festivities get started of course. You can find this shirt in a plethora of great neutral colors and all children’s sizes. If this design isn’t quite your style, check out these alternative ring bearer tees.

Price: $17.99

Buy this ring bearer gift here.

9. Ring Bearer Badge

ring bearer gifts, bridal party gifts, ring bearer gift ideas

(Rustic Sugar Creek Co.)

Gift your ring bearers one of these badges, a sure way to make them feel honored about their special job. The wood badge measures 4.5 x 4.5 x 1/8 inches in size, is stained black, brown, or gray, and attaches easily with a safety pin. If your ring bearer is too young, or unable to hold a ring bearer sign, this is an awesome alternative and a great item to add to a ring bearer gift bag.

Price: $7.50

Buy this ring bearer gift here.

10. The Best Ever Ring Bearer Book

ring bearer gifts, bridal party gifts, ring bearer gift ideas


The job of being a ringer bearer can be complex and hard to understand, especially for a little tot. It’s also a lot of pressure, with all eyes on him, and can be really overwhelming. Introducing the idea via a storybook is a great way to get him excited about the task at hand and alleviate any anxiety or concerns so he feels ready to tackle his walk down the aisle on the big day. This book walks him through the fun adventure of wearing special suit, helping the bride and groom, smiling big for pictures, walking down the aisle, and more.

Price: $8.47

Buy this ring bearer gift here.

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