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100 Best Items to Include on Your Amazon Wedding Registry

Putting together a registry is a daunting task and we’re here to help you break it down and answer some of the big questions that have probably come to mind. With so many choices, so many products, and a large chunk of your brain already being occupied by planning a wedding, you might not have time to put too much thought into shopping for your registry. From start to finish, here’s what you need.

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Where should I register?

There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to where you should register, but there is a practical approach. Our biggest suggestion is to choose a place where you shop regularly and where you'll be able to use returned item credit (we'll get to that below) with no problem. That's the main reason we love Amazon. With so many of the same products as department stores and home furnishing stores like Williams Sonoma and Crate and Barrel, you can easily register for the same items you would there, but you can spend return item credit on anything under the sun. It's also a platform that your wedding guests will be familiar with and will feel comfortable shopping on. If they have a Prime account, they can choose and ship a gift in seconds, making the whole experience a positive and stress free one. Bonus - even if your guests aren't Prime members, they will receive free shipping just for shopping from an Amazon registry.

How do I create an Amazon registry?

Creating an Amazon registry is so easy and takes seconds. Simply click here, and you'll be prompted to start a new registry right away. Fill in some basic information like your names, wedding date, shipping information, and you'll be good to go. You can choose if you'd like your gifts wrapped and select the privacy settings that you're most comfortable with (for example, if your registry should be searchable by the public or only accessed via a link you share personally). You can opt to receive updates as items are purchased as well as a number of exclusive discounts and offers.

How can I add items to my Amazon registry?

Adding an item to your registry or editing your registry information is simple. First, make sure you're logged into the account that you've created your registry with. Once you're logged in, you can click on any of the below links (or shop on your own). Once you have navigated to an item's product detail page, click the button on the right side of the page with the words "Add to Wedding Registry." This button is located directly below the "Add to Cart" button. The product will then be automatically added to your registry. You can change the quantity, add comments, or delete an item by visiting your registry. Under the section "View Registry Items", just click on the product you want edit. A pop-up will allow you to make changes.

How many items should I register for?

There's a fine line between too many items, too few items, and just enough. We recommend registering for about one item per person on your guest list, give or take a few. Some people will purchase as families and couples, some people will buy several items, some people will give cash, and some will select a gift not on the registry at all. Make sure you're only registering for items you REALLY want, so regardless of what people choose to buy, you'll be happy with the selections. Giving people a large selection will make them more likely to find something they like and buy it. If you do see that your registry has only a few items left, that's your cue to add some items you might have originally left off. Keep an eye on purchases and edit as needed.

How much should my registry items cost?

Everyone has a different spending threshold that they're comfortable with and for this reason, you'll need to vary the price point of the items on your registry. Keep 1/4 of the items under $50, 1/4 of your items between $50-$150, 1/4 between $150-$250, and 1/4 of your items $250 and up. While an individual might not buy something on the higher end of the spectrum, you might find families or groups of friends opting to select a big-ticket item and splitting it, or purchasing several of the less expensive options. This leaves room for everyone to shop on a budget they're happy with. Try to stay away from small gadgets that cost $25 and under. Keep a list and buy these things for yourself after the wedding.

Can I make returns?

You sure can! Returning gifts is easy with Amazon. Visit Amazon's Online Return Center to print out a mailing label, and then mail the package back to Amazon.com. Don't forget to save your packing slip, as it is helpful to have the Order ID to request the mailing label. If you don't have a packing slip for your item, you can initiate the return process through Customer Service on your Thank You List page. Once the return is received, you'll be sent an Amazon.com Gift Certificate for the value of your return. (Don't worry--the gift giver won't know the gift was returned). You can use this gift certificate to purchase anything you'd like on Amazon.

If you have other questions on Amazon Wedding Registries, you can browse the entire FAQ section here.

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