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11 Best Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

Cake toppers are the icing on your wedding cake. Well, in reality, they’re the icing ON the icing of your wedding cake. A wedding cake doesn’t really seem complete without one. Without a cake topper, your cake is just a cake, and no one wants just a cake on display at their wedding.

If you’re not into bride and groom figures, and you’re not trying to incorporate a larger theme, a monogram cake topper is a simple and classic way to personalize your cake. It makes the day even more about your union as a couple and looks oh so elegant perched on top of your cake.

The monograms can consist of your two separate first name initials with an ampersand sign between or the initial of your (new combined) last name sandwiched between your separate initials. Want to keep things simple? Choose a cake topper with a single initial that reflects your new last name, symbolic of your coming together as one.

These custom cake toppers come in all sizes, materials, and colors. There’s no question you’ll find one that matches your personal style and taste and that will mesh well with the rest of your wedding. Make sure to pay careful attention to the measurements of the top tier of your wedding cake so that you don’t wind up with a custom monogrammed cake topper that doesn’t fit.

If you and your fiance have a silly sense of humor, browse some of these funny cake toppers to see if these speak more to your personality.

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