About Heavy

In 2012 Heavy.com pivoted from original video entertainment to real-time news and information with a broad audience. From 2012 to 2016, with a new team led by Editor-in-Chief Aaron Nobel, the site’s audience has grown from 3 million to 30 million organic unique visitors per month.

In 2015 we expanded with the launch of our Spanish-language site, AhoraMismo.com.

Heavy is focused on growing our audience and enabling writers to become successful entrepreneurs. The Heavy platform provides technology, audience development, publishing, monetization, and a unique partnership with contributors to build long-term value.

We’re always looking to partner with new writers, bloggers and media entrepreneurs. Feel free to contact us.

A Brief History of Heavy

Heavy was established in 1999 by Simon Assaad and David Carson.

In 1997 the duo worked together on the team that produced the IBM eBusiness campaign, which won the Interactive Grand Prix at Cannes, One Show, Clio and London Advertising awards.

In 1999 Heavy.com launched as one of the first broadband video entertainment platforms. We produced a dozen shows for Heavy, which covered a broad spectrum of topics including satire (Behind the Music the Sucks), reality (D-Life), feminism (Heavy Petting) and social commentary (The Jimmy Show). The programming generated millions of viewers online and was licensed to worldwide television platforms.

In 2001 we formed TeamHeavy, a professional services group, to build other media properties. TeamHeavy launched household names including the music network Fuse, LIFE magazine and AOL Music. In 2004 TeamHeavy was consolidated into Heavy.com.

In 2005 Heavy experienced a period of strong audience growth resulting in annual top line revenue increases, financing and expansion to Asia, Europe and North America.

In 2009 Heavy went through a period of consolidation, and in 2012 Aaron Nobel joined Simon Assaad at Heavy.com. We pivoted the site to focus on real-time news and become an information portal.

With rapid reporting and user-friendly formats, Heavy provides timely coverage of current events, sports, entertainment, television, consumer technology, gaming and social media trends.