Thomas Duncan is the Ebola patient in Dallas. He is from Liberia and was visiting his sister Mal Wureh in Texas.

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Top Chef Duels, Top Chef Duels Finale, Top Chef Duels Kevin Gillespie, Top Chef Duels Art Smith, Top Chef Duels Winner, Wins Top Chef Duels, Who Won Top Chef Duels

So who won the finale on Top Chef Duels tonight? The winner was …

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How will the Patriots and Tom Brady rebound from their embarrassing Monday night loss? The Field Guide answers this and other questions as the NFL heads into Week 5.

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#1DProposal, Bradley Chisenhall, One Direction Proposal, Bradley Chisenhall Proposes at One Direction Concert

Bradley Chisenhall got the hashtag #1DProposal trending so he could propose to his girlfriend at a One Direction concert tonight …

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Everything you need to know about all the best college football games of the week, including where and when to find them on TV.

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Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds Season 10, Criminal Minds Cast, Criminal Minds Premiere, Criminal Minds Recap, Criminal Minds Spoilers, Criminal Minds X

Tonight was the season 10 premiere of “Criminal Minds” and we’ve got the Top 5 Spoilers with a full recap here.

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Brandon Crawford grand slam

Brandon Crawford broke a scoreless tie in emphatic fashion with a grand slam off of Edinson Volquez in the top of the fourth.

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Eliminated Off Survivor, Survivor 29, Survivor Elimination, Voted Off Survivor, Sent Home

Another elimination from tribe Coyopa went down tonight. So, who got voted off the island? … Val Collins.

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isis, memri tv, jewish woman, satan, stalin, joker, music video

Al-Iraqiyya TV aired a music video promo of its anti-ISIS satirical series The Superstitious State. It stars the devil, a Jewish woman, and ISIS’ Al-Baghdadi.

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Pittsburgh Pirates, National League Wild Card Game

Former Pirates reliever Kent Tekulve threw out the ceremonial first pitch before Wednesday’s Pirates-Giants Wild Card game.

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