No Way! More Captain America Casting Rumors?

1268837968_captain america.jpgYep. This is like a bad case of the whodunnits. There are rumors flying all over the place about this upcoming Captain America flick. So far we have rumors of John Krasinski and Dane Cook to play Captain America. Now we’re hearing Channing Tatum (GI Joe), reports. Also on the list is Chris Evans (who was the Human Torch, for crying out loud!), Mike Vogel, Garrell Hedlund and Wilson Bethel. reports that Ryan Phillippe has gone in for a test screening.

There are a few rumors skirting around about which actress will play the role of Peggy (Captain America’s girly-o). Keira Knightly, Alice Eve (She’s Out of My League) and Emily Blunt have been considered.

We’ve only caught wind of one rumor for the role of the villainous Red Skull. And that is the always-impressive Hugo Weaving (Wolfman).

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