Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Sales Rocket After Baby News

It looks like Kim Kardashian fans are celebrating the news that she and Kanye West are having a baby by buying the socialite’s sex tape.

TMZ spoke to the Kardashian sex tape owners, Vivid Entertainment, and reports that video sales have spiked 80 percent since Sunday night, after Kanye West announced to the world that the two are expecting. Kim K.’s sex tape sales have actually been steadily rising ever since they first starting hooking up last spring.

Am I the only one that finds this disturbing?

I feel bad for this child-to-be, actually. Can you imagine growing up and finding out that all your friends are watching your mom’s sex tape? Or worse, stumbling across it on the internet on his/her own? I foresee lots of psychiatric help in the Kardashian-West baby’s future.

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