Victim Wade Robson Blames Michael Jackson For Father’s Suicide

Wade Robson

(Getty images)

Its seems that Michael Jackson, although deceased, may still have some skeletons in his closet. 30-year-old Wade Robson has recently added more claims in addition to being one of Michael Jackson’s alleged sex abuse victims. According to Radar Online, Wade blames his own father’s death on Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse.

Some fans are questioning this, claiming it to be lies.

Wade tells Radar that he was abused by Michael beginning at the age of 7 years, for a length of seven years. And, apparently due to unbearable guilt, anxiety and depression that came with the abuse of his son, Wade’s father suffered a terrible price. Robson’s father, who was apparently estranged from Wade at the time, allegedly killed himself back in 2002 over grief involving the scandal. A little late? You bet. That’s because Wade says he just recently learned the news from his sister, who was unaware of the the true circumstances of her father’s death at the time.

Do you think Wade is lying for attention? Pass this on!

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Could Wade be telling the truth? Or, is he further trying to ruin the memory of the King of Pop?

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