WATCH: Tyga Makes Homophobic Insults to Paparazzi



TMZ recently caught rapper Tyga making homophobic comments outside a club in Hollywood when a paparazzo tried to approach him asking about a lawsuit. In the video, he can be heard saying, “That’s gay as s**t…” and “That’s a gay ass job.”

Watch the inside footage of Tyga below taken from TMZ:

And, what did we learn today? Whatever you do, don’t ask Tyga about his lawsuits!

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But, according to Djs Doing Work, this isn’t just any ‘ol lawsuit…

Music video divas Elizabeth Velasquez, Alissa Rae Ross and Azia Davis recently sued the rapper for fraud, invasion of privacy and breach of contract due to exposure of their nipples in Tyga’s explicit music video for “Make it Nasty.” And, they’re expecting $10 million! According to the source, they were told no nudity would actually be involved in the released version of the video — unless, it was edited out. But, the ladies claim this was not the case.

Check out Tyga’s music video for “Make it Nasty” below!

Tyga's got a huge lawsuit on his hands! Share it.

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