Snitch Comes Out on DVD and Blu-Ray September 12th


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson returns to your living room this September 12th on DVD and Blu-Ray with Ultraviolet capabilities. If you don’t know what these are, it’s mean you get a whole bunch of digital goodies and content to go along with your purchase of a plastic disc. Learn more about Ultraviolet here.

Let’s talk more about Snitch. The plot is a gripping one. Here’s the summary via imdb.com:

Construction company owner John Matthews learns that his estranged son, Jason, has been arrested for drug trafficking. Facing an unjust prison sentence for a first time offender courtesy of mandatory minimum sentence laws, Jason has nothing to offer for leniency in good conscience. Desperately, John convinces the DEA and the opportunistic DA Joanne Keeghan to let him go undercover to help make arrests big enough to free his son in return. With the unwitting help of an ex-con employee, John enters the narcotics underworld where every move could be his last in an operation that will demand all his resources, wits and courage to survive.

While the plot is compelling, it’s more than just a story: it’s true. Yep, Snitch is based on the very real happenings in the life of Joey Settembrino and according to reviewers, it really does stick to the tale. Check it out!

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