Robin Thicke & T.I. With Earth, Wind & Fire Dominate Grammy Nominations Concert 2013

Robin Thicke and members of Earth, Wind and Fire got really old school with their performance of “Blurred Lines.” Accompanied by T.I. as usual, Thicke had a fantastic performance tonight at the Grammy Nominations Concert. Wearing a tux with an untied bow tie, Thicke romanced the crowd by taking things down into the audience.

One thing that was kind of amusing, but somewhat uncomfortable was a brunette-haired woman trying to dance sexy and make eyes at Robin Thicke in the front row.

On a side note, what viewers didn’t see was Thicke’s performance of his song “Give It 2 You.”

PHOTOS: Grammy Nominations Concert 2013

Enrique Iglesias, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Macklemore were just some of the hot celebrities at the Grammy Nominations Concert tonight. Check out the pics.

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How to Watch the Grammy Nominations Concert 2013 Livestream

The Grammy Nominations Concert airs tonight with some of our favorite music artists from Taylor Swift to Macklemore. Find out how to watch the livestream here.

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