Justin Bullard And Dani Julien, ‘Naked And Afraid’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Meet Justin Bullard and Dani Julien, tonight’s survivalists on Naked And Afraid. Check out some background on each of them, the problems that arise on the show, and some info on the dangerous area the two have to overcome together.

1. Survivalist Justin Takes Out His Sexism on Dani

In this episode of Naked And Afraid, titled “Blood In The Water,” two survivalists must face starvation, sexist comments, and swarms. When Justin and Dani meet, things go well, but Justin tells the cameras that he’s a Southern guy who’s old-fashioned and likes things done a certain way … Justin’s bio reads:

Justin was born and raised in the small country town of Bryceville, Florida, where God, guns, and fishing were life for him. Justin’s family hails from southern Georgia and he swears that is where his heart still belongs.

Watch the above video to see the jabs Justin throws and his dated point of view on “the woman’s role.”

2. Justin Bullard Is a Firefighter and Paramedic

According to Justin’s Naked and Afraid bio, he is a 30-year-old firefighter and paramedic from Florida.

At the age of ten, his uncle Emory took him under his wing and introduced Justin to the outdoors. At eleven years old, Justin (with the help of his uncle) hunted his first whitetail deer. From that life-changing moment, his love for the outdoors was born.

Justin’s specialties are in hunting and wilderness edibles. While growing up:

It was through his love of hunting whitetail deer and wild hog that Justin became nearly obsessed with wild plants and edibles. From wild berries and fruit to soft and hard mast crops, he read every book or article he could find pertaining to local wild edible food. Through this endeavor, Justin began learning about which wild plants humans could eat to survive.

Justin has been married for five years and has a two-year-old boy who is said to already be showing signs that he’ll be an outdoorsy kind of guy.

3. The Two Drink From a “Blue Hole” Without Boiling the Water First

Their island has blue holes of water that are supplied by the salt water from the ocean, but fresh rain water sits on the top surface. When drinking water like this, boiling it is important to kill bacteria, but Dani and Justin feel that the UV rays are so strong at their location, that they will kill any bacteria … Hopefully that’s the case of the two of them can become very sick.

4. Dani Julien Suffers From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Years ago, Dani went through a truly traumatic incident. Her Discover bio tells the story:

While volunteering in Tanzania, Dani was part of a tragic incident involving the death of her friend and roommate. She swiftly returned home suffering from post-traumatic stress, but through wilderness exposure and therapy she found peace and began to develop an interest in survival knowledge. She has been practicing on her own for five years.

Aside from the obstacles Dani’s overcome, she has a lot going for with big plans for the future.

She’s currently the subject of a new documentary being filmed in Yosemite that will be released in the fall of 2016, and is training hard to meet her goal of solo-climbing El Capitan. Also an avid cyclist, Dani plans to participate in the AIDS Lifecycle with her father in 2015. She tries to live every day to the fullest, and spends as much time outside as she can. Dani’s future plans involve someday opening an adventure sports camp for children living in transitional housing situations.

5. These Two Are Tackling the Terrain of Andros Island In the Bahamas

Andros Island actually has the world’s largest collection of blue holes and is the biggest, yet most sparsely developed land in the Bahamas. The rocks are very jagged and the blue holes can be dangerous if you go in too deep. Nature.org describes the island as this:

The largest and least populated of the Bahamian islands is Andros Island, a place of vast, uninhabited expanses and a wealth of biodiversity.

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  1. Justin I am not sure where in the south you are from but I was born and raised in Georgia and we don’t treat women like that and hunting with a gun is a lot different than primitive hunting dude you are just about worthless I don’t care if my house was on fire and you are the only firefighter left I would send you away and I am sure you have embarrassed your fellow firefighters

    • Thank you! I’m a woman from the south and listening to this douche talk about how the south is infuriating. A man doesn’t wine and complain or talk to women like that. And if his way were the right way he’s not much of a man in the first place.

    • This guy is an idiot. Southern gentleman?
      Bitches about fire sitting. Let her watch it if woman just cook and clean and do some work. Laziest guy yet.

  2. Dani not all men from the south act the way Justn did, you have done nothing but helpful you should be proud of yourself I fish and hunt also and I don’t call myself a survivalist but I guess even I could do it if I sat on the beach and cried while my partner did everything and killing a snake did not restore your manhood and if you are really from the south then you care about your momma do you really think your mommy is proud of the way you acted and don’t fool yourself into thinking she is

  3. In stead of bitching about how it’s a mans job to provide for a woman maybe you should get your worthless arse out there and do something about it. Talk is cheap! If i was there with a partner like Dani I would give her the praise she deserves and has earned.

    • Wow what a worthless individual.. Hunting with a gun does not make you a survivor expert you arogrant butthead. Without Dani you would have not made it

  4. Thought justin was great if u are from the south u know that a man is suppose to provide and the woman takes care of the household chores ……obviously this isn’t how it’s done now and days as much bc women work now in 2014. He did great she talked crap about him the whole time

  5. Happy to see she called him on his inability to provide. Jeans, boots, and a shotgun was all he said he needed. That was the purpose of the challenge is you do not have those items.

  6. Did anyone else notice at the 56:00 mark, on Day 21 Justin is shown waking up talking about Day 21 with a pair of jeans folded under his head as a pillow? Having jeans does not equal naked!

  7. Justin is a loser. He is not the common man. I can’t believe what I saw he is more of a woman than a man. I never seen such a loser in my life. I can’t believe that the discovery channel would select a person like this. I a so amazed at how ridiculous Justin is. He is such a woman. This guy isn’t a hunter but a loser. I would be embarrassed if I was him. This guy needs to rethink his perspective on life and how women interact. If it wasn’t for her he would not of survived.

    • Don’t insult women by comparing them to Justin. Women enduring more pain on a monthly basis than Justin did during this challenge and with a lot less whining.

      Justin is a boy playing a man’s game. Plain and simple.

  8. Note to Justin’s Fire Chief…..please DO NOT ever let this guy hold a leadership position. His insecurities will make working for him a living hell.

    • No kidding. The insecurities of others. And pointing fingers the whole time at her…wow…. Maybe he should run for office.

  9. Justin……… Oh justin…….. You say you’re a man, but you pout like a little girl. Dani should have kicked your ass. You’re a pussy. And a little bit stupid.

  10. I love this show but my favorite episodes are the ones like this where we get to see strong, powerful women shame sexist assholes like Justin.

    Hey Justin? I’m from the South too, And you know what I call a woman who hunts better than I do? A keeper. :)

  11. On this episode when he was recording himself talking at the last day. In his sack he had a pair of jeans he was laying on. I seen this and it makes me wonder how real this show is. I love this show and will continue to watch but u should watch at the end and see. Someone from this show pls tell me its real. Lol

  12. This guy is an idiot. Bitches about fire. She can keep it going. He’s just lazy. Hope this fire fighter doesn’t show up if my house is burning.

  13. I just watched N and A XL, only watched the whole thing because of Dani refreshing to see a true Amazon women, and the only women who seemed to maintain her integrity. Good Luck with all you do Dani.

  14. during the episode you can clearly see justin laying his head against his bag and there is a pair of jeans hanging out of the bag ??? whats up with that? i now am having doubt’s about a show that really like?

  15. Justin is a D bag.. Dani catches a fish and your pride is hurt bc you have to as you call it “baby sit a fire” dude grow a pair and quit being a little B!! Your a disgrace calling yourself a firefighter paramedic and act like a girl!

  16. Awe my name is Justin and I have no man hood instead I got to cry like a little girl when my girl partner catches a fish and you got to “baby sit a fire” your an idiot and not a true firefighter paramedic let alone can’t treat a girl with rescue T bc your little pride gets hurt..: do you have a vagina or or is dude? Seriously your a dick! You should be ashamed of how you acted as well as your fire deptshoukd be ashamed and embarrassed on how you acted!!! You should be fired

  17. So glad to see that everyone has seen through Justin and his southern attitude. He proved he was not a gentleman in any way. He finally got off his duff and killed a snake the day before extraction. WHOOPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dani proved to be the better survivor and provided food that he didn’t want to eat because he felt she needed it worse than he did..HA HA Just see who lost the most weight and her PSR increased dramatically and his were lowered. My southern boys that I raised would have been out there the first day killing snakes and hunting fish and let the “Little Lady” keep the fires going and cleaning up after you…