Nick Viall Confronts Andi Dorfman After ‘Bachelorette’ Finale 2014

Footage is shown of Nick Viall coming to the Men’s Tell All special and speaking with Chris Harrison about talking to Andi about her choice on the show. He wants to talk to Andi about all the feelings he’s had since he left the show, that Josh is the wrong choice, and that he still loves her. Andi tells Chris Harrison she isn’t ready to speak with Nick just yet, so he gives Chris a letter to give to Andi. For more information on the letter, check out the below links:

Nick Viall’s Letter to Andi Dorfman on ‘The Bachelorette’

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‘Bachelorette’ Spoiler: Nick Viall Rejected Over And Over Again by Andi Dorfman

Nick Viall gets rejected not just once, but several times by Andi Dorfman. Read on for the details ...

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On The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose, Andi couldn’t escape talking to Nick … When Nick talks to host Chris Harrison, he fights tears and becomes emotional about his rejection. This is before Andi even comes out on stage. Once Andi comes out, Nick tells her that he doesn’t know if she read the letter he gave her, but he wanted her to hear his feelings. She says she did read the letter and he thanks her.

Andi says it was so hard to break up with Nick because she knew what a skeptic he was at the beginning of the season. She didn’t want him to think it was something he did. Chris Harrison then interrupts the two and asks Andi if she was in love with Nick. Andi tells him that she wasn’t in love with Nick and that it couldn’t compete with a greater love like Josh.

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  1. ANDI deserved the humiliation dished by Nick. If she had met with him in private when requested, it could have been avoided.

    • I completely agree with this!! And seriously why did she have sex with him if she wasn’t going to choose him?!!! How does josh feel about her sleeping with nick AND him?!?!!

  2. It would have been better if Nick could have talked to Andi in private. He had tried and Andi would have none of it. Whether she was heartless or a coward in that decision, I don’t know. She may have thought he hit below the belt, but she kicked him in the heart. Just as Clare did with Juan Pablo, Nick made the mistake thinking that they were “making love” when it was just casual sex to the other person. A very hard lesson to learn. Make sure the person you are intimate with returns your feelings. Wait before jumping into bed with someone and really get to know the person.

    • How old is Nick anyway 15. Get over it he knew going in what the show is all about. Maybe he just was not that good in bed. He did not need to mention that in front of a live audience, that showed his lack of character.

      • Nick’s lack of class on “After the Final Rose” proved that Andi was correct in not picking him. Talk about immature and spiteful. First he stalks her and then he throws her under the bus by discussing very private moments on TV.

        All season Nick was arrogant and rude to everyone. Too bad Andi didn’t realize what an ass he was earlier. She could have saved herself a lot of embarrassment if she could have seen what we viewers and the other guys saw all along.

        When a guy doesn’t look you in eye, he is lying. Nick always avoided looking directly at the camera and alway looked down or to side when he discussed real feelings. Nothing Nick says is the truth.

        Nick just proved that he was on the show for publicity -not love- I’m sure he just wanted to be the next bachelor.

        • LOL!! Andi is narcissistic to the core. She deserved to be humiliated on national television. Karma is an Andi!!!!

          • I totally agree. She led him on…took it too far. When Nick didn’t get answers from her, I think he wanted and needed the public to know why he thought she took it too far. She was really cold and stoney toward him. She got the guy that was best for her: a shallow lovable doofus hunk. Nick was a far more interesting person, and he should look for a woman with more depth.

      • Nick always showed signs of immaturity. And why are so many people assuming his “so why did you make love to me…” comments was nothing more than a low blow from a whiner? Does anyone really think he’s only slept with women he’s been in love with?

  3. I have to admit, I agree with “test driving” the car before you buy… gotta know if the “spark” is there intimately so I am not going to knock Andi for that. She can’t be mad about him talking about it on tv…could have met in private and afforded him the time he deserved. Nick, I have most definitely had my heart broken and remember the pain vividly. Please take care….and be sure to take risks and chances again.

  4. Andy is TRASH! I Guarantee you…she will not have a happy life. No decent human being would ever lead a sincere person on just to drop him to score points on a GAME SHOW. Karma will bite her right where she deserves to get in….right in the heart. Unfortunately , Ms. Andy has made me a believer that there are severely morally bankrupt women out there. She does not make the gender proud. I am done with the Bachelor/Bachelorette….too sick to watch good people (Nick) get destroyed PURPOSELY ! Shame on Andy, the writers…producers…and yes me who watched the show. Never again…done!

  5. Nick did not deserve the treatment he received from Andi. She seems really mean and cold…she showed her true character. I think it is really a blessing for Nick that Andi did not pick him. He deserves so much better than Andi.