Lala Kent’s Boyfriend 2016: Is He Married?

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On Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent is being confronted over her relationship with an allegedly married boyfriend. Fellow cast member Katie states on the premiere that she is good friend’s with Lala’s boyfriend’s wife and that he also has kids. Katie also reveals this news to VP big wig Lisa Vanderpump on the show. And, tonight, Katie confronts Lala about the allegations in a sit down discussion.

So, what’s the deal? Is Lala dating a married man?

Recently, cast member Jax Taylor appeared on Watch What Happens Live and confirmed that Lala Kent is, indeed, dating a married man. But, in the past, Taylor has had a strained relationship with the truth.

According to Blasting News, Lala took to Twitter to deny Jax’s claims, saying they couldn’t be further from the truth. Lala tweeted that: Jax knows 0 about me let alone who I’m dating. In addition, she thanked her unnamed boyfriend on Instagram for supporting her while she’s been doing away with alcohol in her life. It’s unclear if this is the same boyfriend who is talked about on Vanderpump Rules season 5.

We’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. The girls are so jealous of La La… It makes them look pathetic.. And, if she is dating a married man, what business is it of Katie???

  2. Here’s what I think…. First of all, it’s no ones business. Second, Schaena was seeing Brandi Glanville’s HUSBAND; however, no one mentioned that. Third, I think most of the girls are jealous, except Ariana. She’s a no bullshit kind of girl same as Ariana. I think she’s being bullied by these girls. Let’s start taking our own inventory VR, before we start taking others!! Keep your head up Lala!!

    • Agreed. Seems like they were doing the same to Schaena a few seasons back and now they are all cool with her because she’s not a threat. Lala is gorgeous, more so than Schaena and these bishes cannot have her around because of fear their men will continue to ogle her. I can’t stand Katie, she’s so poisonous. As soon as Stassi left to NY she became the main bi t ch because no one else has balls in that group. Katie has a false sense of security, and Tom should not have married that wench.

  3. All the girls are so jealous of beautiful Lala. I find it amusing that Miss Morality Scheana was carrying on an affair with the very much married actor Eddie. She’s talking about morality? Give me a break. And Katie is just a plain and I mean a plain old mean girl. Nasty girls…team Lala!

  4. I have never seen a more high school bunch of grown women in my life. They make themselves look like children that cant think for themselves. Without Katie to tell them who to like or hate or where to shit or piss I dont know where they would be. Its sad the hate that oozes from that one there, can you say hater Katie? If you want a Range Rover go buy one instead of shelling out all that money on a wedding that is sure to be a disaster in the end. He will divorce you once he realizes how insecure you really are. Go get your lip fixed to bitch, your attitude makes u so unattractive on camera!

  5. Yeah,what is up with her mouth anyway? I cant hardly watch the show because of he bad attitude. No wonder she has gained so much weight, all they do is drink.Katie and her followers are all alcoholics. Are the rest of them that lame and desperate for friends they will do what ever she tells them? I would rather chill with LaLa any day. I wouldn’t piss on Katie’s smug jealous bitch face if it was on fire. God doesn’t like ugly,karma is a bitch!

  6. LaLa is so above those lovely girls on Vpump. She is beyond beautiful. The group of girls …was sooo jealous they could not stand for her even to be on the same block let alone the same show. Lala will go far in hollywood the group…No. I admire her for quiting but she brought so much to the show. These mean girls are awful. and so beneath LaLa.