‘The Voice’ Results 2016: Top 4 Contestants Revealed Live – Season 11

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  1. Truly you are a bunch of racist pigs. Either one other than the one chosen was a lot better. Did race play a roll in this decision.

  2. I liked We but how did she get through the to 3 when she wasn’t on the top 10 I tunes chart. She had to get 5x the votes more than Christian and Josh!

  3. So unfair wow Ali Caldwell eliminated seriously!!! She is the best singer there. Racisim absolutely and guess what i’m white. This is not the first time something like this happens i’m outta here not watching the Voice ever again it’s nit worth it!!!

      • Ali Caldwell is a great singer. I personally wish that her, Billy, Christian, And We would have gone home. Not only do I absolutely adore Aaron’s rasp, but also, he, Brendan, Sundance, & Josh need this chance. . The other four have a record deal already. . They don’t need to win… Aaron, as much as I love him, would likely have needed the victory to have become a household name.

    • Your right. Ali was eliminated cause she has RED HAIR….We don’t want no RED HAIRED wenches….Make her hair purple with cross hairs of green, yellow, orange and any other color that is not racist in appearance…..I HATE COLORED HAIR.

  4. The sad fact is, that even the judges are too competitive with each other, and forget what made the the show a success. Giving talented amateur not recycled professionals an opportunity to get exposure for their talent. The Voice has become American Idol and they both are passed their time.

  5. I see a lot of comments made about Ali & racism. That’s not it she just wasn’t good enough. Do I detect the green eyed monster um?

  6. I can’t believe Aaron made it through last week…Austin should have been in the top 4!! And I NEVER did care for Billy…all the lil teen girls must be voting for him….

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