Who Is Hosting ‘SNL’ Tonight? 2/11/2017

Tonight airs a new live episode of Saturday Night Live and the host is Alec Baldwin. For months, Baldwin has been making audiences laugh with his impersonation of Donald Trump and tonight, viewers are sure to get even more laughs at the President’s expense.

Baldwin’s hosting gig tonight marks his 17th time as host, which is more times than any other host. James Andrew Miller, author of “Live From New York: The Complete, Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live,” has said that more people are paying attention to the show this season because it’s funny and Baldwin’s Trump skits definitely boost the show’s amount of viewers. Miller told CNN:

You have a president who is paying attention to the show and who has voiced his displeasure. When Will Ferrell was playing George W. Bush, somebody in the White House might have said, ‘oh, the president has or hasn’t seen it,’ but you didn’t know the president was upset about the show or didn’t find it funny. The fact that the president has engaged with the show the way he has makes it very, very different.

Tonight’s musical guest on Saturday Night Live is performer Ed Sheeran.

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  1. Who watches SNL? Everyone I know goes out at night. But these are people who have nothing better to do on a Saturday night, than sit at home and watch TV.