WATCH: T.J Combo ‘Killer Instinct Season 2’ Reveal Trailer

Killer Instinct has officially moved into its 2nd season of new characters and even more exciting add-on content.

One of the brutal series’ combatants who will be added to the main roster is the highly requested boxer T.J. Combo. Check out his reveal trailer above and get ready to smash the rest of the KI roster with some vicious boxing maneuvers. You’ll undoubtedly feel the hype as T.J.’s charging punches, body slams and overhead smashing attacks are shown off in all their violent glory. A brand new maneuver (which has been dubbed the “Areal Recapture”) will actually let you continue your combos in the ground AND the air!

Get ready for Killer Instinct Season 2! By the way, anyone else think Cinder got clued in near the end?

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As an added bonus, get a good look at some new screenshots below:

TJ Combo

TJ Combo

TJ Combo



TJ Combo

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