Rockstar Teases New ‘Red Dead’ Announcement

It looks like the rumored Red Dead Redemption may be on the way.

Rockstar Games took to Twitter this morning to tease what appears to be the next iteration in the Red Dead franchise, which is the developer’s second biggest franchise after Grand Theft Auto. They sent out a wordless Tweet with the above image, which is their logo against a Red Dead background, the way it appeared on the Red Dead Redemption box art. They also posted it as a news story on their Newswire website and changed their Facebook and Twitter avatar and header images to match.

Red Dead Redemption sequel has been rumored since a map reportedly leaked on NeoGAF in April.

If history tells us anything, we should see a reveal trailer in the very near future. The company has a history of making game announcements at unexpected times, and they announced Grand Theft Auto V in a similar fashion. Of course, we could also see a remaster of Red Dead Redemption for current gen consoles like we did with GTA V, which would also be welcome; however, Microsoft recently added it to their list of backwards compatible games for Xbox One.

Stay tuned for further updates and all your gaming news.

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