Amber Joy Vinson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

amber vinson photo, ebola nurse dallas, frontier flight 1143

WEWS NewsChannel5 in Cleveland obtained this yearbook photos of Amber Vinson, who is from Akron, Ohio. (Twitter/@WEWS)

Amber Vinson is the second nurse to have been diagnosed with the Ebola virus in Dallas, Texas. With America in-fear of the deadly disease, Vinson’s travel pattern prior to her diagnosis has caused further panic.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. She Flew From Cleveland to Dallas the Day Before She Was Diagnosed

Amber Vinson Frontier Airlines

According to CBS Dallas, on October 13, Vinson flew from Cleveland to Dallas on Frontier Airlines flight 1143. The following morning Vinson went to Texas Presbyterian Hospital on the morning of October 14 with a high fever. Shortly after, she was isolated and tested for Ebola. CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden said that she had temperature of 99.5 when she boarded the flight for Dallas. It later emerged that Vinson had called the CDC to ask if it was okay to travel on the flight. She was told is okay because her fever didn’t exceed 100.5 or higher.

dallas, cleveland, frontier airlines, cdc


Anybody who was on that flight is asked to contact the CDC or by phone on 800 CDC-INFO. That flight landed in Dallas at 8:16 p.m. after leaving Cleveland at 6:31 p.m. on October 13. That plane is remaining in Cleveland until further notice, reports News Net 5. The Los Angeles Times reports that the plane flew a total of five times after carrying Vinson.

According to 19 Action News anchor Lydia Esparra on Twitter, passengers were due to board the plane today are being given masks at Cleveland Airport.

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According to, Vinson was in Ohio visiting family in Akron.

The Daily Mail had reported that Vinson’s grandmother, Martha, lived in Ohio. Vinson was in Akron from October 8, according to the Director of Port Control Ricky Smith in Cleveland. While she was there, Vinson stayed in the small town of Tallmadge.

Frontier Airlines have continued the CDC’s line that Vinson didn’t have Ebola-like symptoms while on board the flight. The Center for Disease Control later stated that Vinson shouldn’t have traveled on a commercial airline.

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Frontier Airlines 1143 is the airplane that confirmed Ebola case Amber Joy Vinson was on on Tuesday, October 14. It went from Cleveland, Ohio to Dallas, Texas.

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2. She Was in Akron Planning Her Wedding

second ebola nurse, amber joy vinson

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, flanked by (from left) Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Zachary Thompson, answers questions at a press conference concerning the second health care worker to contract Ebola, at the Dallas County Commissioners Court on October 15 in Dallas. (Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

She’s 29 years old. NBC Dallas reports that Vinson was in Ohio to prepare for her wedding there. While she was in the Akron-area she visited with her fiance and her mother.

The Daily Mail reports that her stepfather confirmed to them that she had the virus. Her family are expected to release an official statement later. Speaking to the Mail, her stepdad said: “Right now she’s doing okay. Her temperature is going down. We don’t want to do a lot of talking about it now. She’s okay. The main concern is for her to get better.”

Dr. Mary DiOrio, the Ohio Department of Health’s epidemiologist told that she didn’t know if Vinson had symptoms while she was in Ohio. Vinson lived in Akron, she’s a graduate of Firestone High School, class of 2003. Since 2012, Amber Vinson is a registered nurse in Ohio and Texas. reports that she worked at Summa Akron City Hospital between 2007-12.

Her aunt, Donna Slone Rhynes, told NBC News that Vinson had wanted to be a nurse since she was a child. “She wanted to help people. Amber has always been kind and compassionate.” Rhynes’ brother was married to Vinson’s mother, Debra Berry. uncovered an obituary from 1998 for a Rev. Dolphis Sloan Jr. from Akron, Ohio. The obit says he is survived by his daughter, Amber, and son, Andrew. It adds that he died after a “short illness.” In addition to his pastoral duties, Sloan worked as a chemical engineer for a company called A. Schulman.

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3. She Lives Alone With No Pets

Vinson lives along Village Bend Drive, close to Texas Presbyterian hospital.

Amber Vinson Home

Vinson lives here on Village Bend Drive, close to Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. (Google Street View)

Many nurses and doctors affiliated with the hospital reside there. She lives alone and has no pets, her apartment is being quarantined. WFAA reports that the Texas government has hired an independent company, Protect Enviroment, to clean Vinson’s apartment and car. Three people have been identified as having direct contact with Vinson before her quarantine, it isn’t immediately clear if those people include her fiance and mother. According to, a male relative has quarantined himself in Tallmadge, despite not being asked to.

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4. She Graduated From Kent State but Didn’t Visit the Campus This Week

kent state logo

The Dallas Morning News reports that Vinson is a graduate of Kent State University, class of 2006, with a qualification in health. She later went to the school’s nursing college, class of 2008. The school has denied reports that Vinson visited the campus during her time in Ohio prior to her diagnosis.

WTAM in Cleveland reports that Vinson is related to three Kent State employees. Those employees have been asked not to return to the campus for 21 days out of an “abundance of caution.” Kent State’s President Beverly Warren said: “It’s important to note that the patient was not on the Kent State campus.” The school’s director of University Health Services, Dr. Angela DeJulius said:

She stayed with her family at their home in Summit County and did not step foot on our campus. We want to assure our university community that we are taking this information seriously, taking steps to communicate what we know.

Watch the statement here:

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5. Nurses’ Unions Says There Are No Protocols in Place at Texas Presbyterian to Stop Workers From Getting Infected

second ebola nurse, amber joy vinson

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, flanked by (from left) Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Zachary Thompson, answers questions at a press conference concerning the second health care worker to contract Ebola, at the Dallas County Commissioners Court on October 15 in Dallas. (Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

CBS Dallas reported on the day that Vinson’s name was released that nurses unions are furious that its members have been infected with Ebola. They believe that no proper protocols were put in place to deal with the outbreak.

Nina Pham Ebola Picture Photos

Nina Pham was diagnosed just days ago. (Twitter)

Like Nina Pham, who was diagnosed with Ebola a few days previous, Vinson was one of the nurses treating Thomas Eric Duncan. He died of Ebola on October 8. While caring for him, the Associated Press reports that her duties included inserting catheters and drawing blood.

Pham has been described as being in good condition. She has been given a transfusion of plasma from Dr. Kent Brantly. He was the American physician who survived the virus. It’s hoped his antibodies can help Pham fight Ebola. Amber Vinson is being flown to in Atlanta where Dr. Brantly was treated.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins paid tribute to Vinson, calling her an “heroic person.” The judge added that this is “a person who has dedicated their life to helping others.”

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  1. “Ebola is hard to catch,” the talking heads say.

    This must be like “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”

    Well guess what? My health care is up to $500/month, I have a new 2nd-rate doctor, and dozens of highly trained medical professionals have been killed by Ebola.

    Everything the government touches becomes unaffordable. My health insurance is $450/month, my taxes are closing in on 50% (in NYC), and even my subway pass is now over $100/month (in NYC). Stuff that is still private enterprise is super cheap. Car insurance ($25/month from Insurance Panda), cell phone ($22/month from T Mobile), and gym ($15/month from Planet Fitness).

    Tell me, why should I believe the government propaganda machine any more?

    • News alert, your health insurance is private, your doctor and hospital probably are as well. I wanted health insurance years ago and it cost 500 dollars a month for the cheapest that covered almost nothing, now that same insurance is 50 dollars on the ACA marketplace. What you need to stop believing is the privatized corporate media machine that puts profits before customers. They are brainwashing you and you are buying into it perfectly. I can’t speak for NYC… City governments typically suck, but you don’t have to live there, almost every other city or town in the whole USA is cheaper.

          • President Obama hired the best economist in the country. Should we believe you over him? Lastly, Obamacare helped millions of people afford healthcare. I think the small number of people that did not benefit was worth the change, but leave it up to the entitled to complain and point fingers while ignoring the needs of others.

            • @Telda_Truth If you have any dignity to back up your statement, I would love to know what you refer to as “the entitled?” Here’s a simple question: what would be an annual salary of an individual who is “entitled?” Please, please, PLEASE answer this because I am DYING to know what your idea is of “entitled” and, as I’ve responded in a previous message to you where I explained how now five families are paying for my health insurance, due to the recent ACA laws, whereas prior to its passing and I could afford it all on my own, I’m wondering how the Affordable Care Act is better. Might it be because you are not pulling your own weight in this country??? I can testify in a court of law that I, along with every member of my family contributing to my health care bill, has a full time, tax paying job and is not on any government dole (if you don’t know the definition of “dole,” kindly, by all means, look it up in a dictionary)… Can you say the same????

              PLEASE answer!

            • Yeah, please reply to “Anonymous” on his question of your definition of “entitled.” We all want to know.

      • I, like everyone else, was told that if I liked my health care plan, I could keep it. That was clearly false. My prior health insurance was $1450 a month (an individual plan for just myself); I now pay $1750 a month courtesy of the ACA marketplace. My co-pay for a doctor visit went from $5 to $60; my prescriptions went from $5 an Rx to $75 an Rx. My yearly deductibles have increased 100% and the best part of it all is that I have far less care available to me and it only continues to decline, yet my cost undeniably increases with each year that passes. I do not believe I am brainwashed, as I physically write the check and watch the money disappear from my bank account every single month. Continual rising costs and declining quality of care is the case for every person that I know.

        If I were you, Jackie, I would refrain from telling anyone that your healthcare costs have decreased as it has the potential to lead people to believe only one thing about you…and it isn’t positive.

        • Jackie is correct. Health insurance prices did go down for the ones who never had insurance in the first place. Try walking in the shoes of others, before you criticize and point blame. Just feel blessed that you can afford healthcare. I bet you can afford the elevated prices as well. Nevertheless, you can still afford it!

          • @Telda_Truth that’s the whole point, you ignoramus! I have a rare form of cancer, am being treated at a well known cancer hospital in NYC and now I can no longer afford my insurance. My family members (my senior parents, my sister and her family, my brother and his family, along with my in-laws) is contributing everything they can financially but, you moron, we cannot afford it anymore. We had been paying the fees by the skin of our teeth and now we don’t have enough money to get by, anymore. I am going to fall into the mess that ACA has created. If we can’t manage it, I will end up on government assistance. Now YOU, @Telda_Truth, can pay for me.

            @Telda_Truth I AM NOT “BLESSED” AT ALL for what ACA has done to me and my family. I am walking the shoes of a family that arrived in this country in the 1600’s and worked generations to try to make just a bit of something out of absolutely nothing financially, or materialistically, at all. The one thing my family DID have back then and are desperately trying to still have now, is pride and self-respect, as to never to ask nor expect a handout from anyone…but yet, as we struggle to pay for my health care and medication that we cannot afford, clearly we are forced to pay for others, perhaps yourself, @Telda_Truth and @Jackie, who reek of not contributing anything at all to the common good.

            Without people like my and my family and all the others that agree with me here on this message board @Telda_Truth and @Jackie, you don’t exist…whether it be here in America or anywhere else in the world. Survival of the fittest, courtesy of Darwin, and you most evidently wouldn’t make the cut.

            Nikita Khrushchev, one of the USSR’s leaders during the Cold War, stated that no one (country) needed to invade America; he predicted that the United States would be destroyed from within. He implied to the USA that our “Rights” will be the very thing that destroys us as a country. The fact that @Telda_Truth can write something so absurd is working towards fulfilling a prophecy.

          • you can only tell the truth if you KNOW the truth. it seems you don’t. lies are spread every day in the name of truth

      • Well said Jackie! The absolute truth to what these corporations and corrupt congressmen are brainwashing these people who believe what they say, but never look up the facts for the past 15 years or so that the Medical and Pharmaceutical companies have been in bed with Washington D.C. This panic of the ACA as being bad for the U.S. is absurd and is incited, exacerbated, and downed by conservatives who have monetary gain or interest in trying to rid it. All about greed with these Republicans and no remorse for the lives at stake.

        @ Maggie, The private insurance companies you are using has been know to lie, recommend EXPENSIVE drugs, refuse treatment to their paid customers. They have been connected to these ultra-rich companies who sell poison as medicine, you know the commercials, i.e., this drug may cause bleeding, stoke, cancer or death. They are several cases of people like yourself becoming seriously ill and intentionally neglected to save money; they kill people. Their are many documentaries on this and I’m sure you can do a few searches to find how privatized insurance HC is not set-up for you well-being, but rather your MONEY. If you don’t believe me, then I urge you to do your research. Also wanted to put out that before last year when ACA/Obamacare became in effect that nearly 300 people have been dieing a DAY inside of hospitals due to hospital error for the past 15 years this has been the trend. That is unbelievable and absurd, but yes this is the incompetence that is going on throughout the country, so remember the conservative media is not your friend, it is full of lies and deceit to brainwash folks into thinking and voting for their interest only…not yours.

      • Not true, Insurance has risen for most of us who could afford it before ACA. Now we cannot. I think you should do some more research.

      • You are the one that is brainwashed. I can’t get coverage because it is now almost double what I was paying and I went from $2000 deductible to now they want me to pay $6000 deductible. Obamacare is a ripoff and the insurance companies are making out the middle class is getting screwed and lied to every time Obama opens his mouth.

      • Yeah, $50 and I pay te rest moron. Obama subsidizes the poor at my expense. My insurance doubled so I cancelled it. Will show up in the ER like you and the rest of the losers

  2. So what was Vinson doing in Cleveland and when did she arrive in Cleveland before heading back to Dallas. Where was she in Cleveland???

    • thatsa what i want to know i am born and raised in akron and i have family there and cleveland still i need to know where this lady was at

  3. Why did this dumb bitch fly to fucking Cleveland after caring for that man? Why is this even allowed? Are the people at the CDC that fucking stupid to know that THIS IS HOW EPIDMICS BEGIN!!???!!!!?? I’m not a doctor, and even I can tell you that.

    • I agree!!!!! This is obviously an educated woman that has zero common sense. How can allow the health care providers be allowed to self-monitor. There are boneheads at every level of this administration!

        • Unless TX Presbyterian is just covering their ass, they are claiming they instructed all 76 workers to “stay put” and be quarantined. I’m not sure how it can be considered quarantine if they weren’t monitoring their activities and whereabouts. Still, Vinson, a healthcare worker, should have known not to exercise the risk of exposure. I feel both Vinson and the hospital are equally responsible.

        • Not the hospitals problem but common sense. CDC has procedures and they are way below what they should be. Issue here is a qualified nurse who was exposed and symptomatic flying across country “business as usual”. Putting other people at risk. She knew and chose to do nothing. This is Common sense . Due to her actions we will see more infected and hopefully people will wise up and take this a bit more seriously before it’s too lake . Ebola is not difficult to catch its actually quite easy to catch and can lie dormant on surfaces for hours. It sucks that the hospital was so incompetent that their medical staff were exposed that doesn’t mean that the exposed staff get to act incompetent as well!!!

    • If you’re told that it is hard to catch, and you have NO REASON to believe you’ve caught it, why wouldn’t you get on a plane after caring for a patient to attend a funeral in your home town? there were no prohibitions to the contrary.

    • MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!! and “dumb bitch” was being nice too! People like her are gonna get a lot more people killed!

    • We are being lied to about the spread of Ebola. The CDC has the patent for the Ebola virus and for vaccines to treat it. The real question has to be, “How did the Ebola virus get to West Africa to infect so many people, if it was created in the USA?”

  4. You know what? Anyone without an ounce of common sense to protect others, particularly family and loved ones from possible exposure, is NOT a hero!
    Texas Presbyterian is adamant that they issued a notice of quarantine to all 76 healthcare workers involved in Duncan’s treatment. They ordered all employees not to travel or come into contact with anyone.
    This nurse, Vinson, is reported to have left TX the day Duncan died and returned once she began exhibiting symptoms. Will her family be next, and anyone with whom they’ve been in contact? First, Texas…then, Ohio….
    Nurse Vinson, despite her tragic state of health at this time, did not act wisely and placed many more at risk of contracting Ebola.

    • Well said. Unless she was asleep during the infection control lecture in nursing school, how on earth could she be so selfish? We see this more and more lately- people putting their own agenda ahead of the greater good. She wanted to go to Cleveland and she was not going to change her plans. And a nurse no less. A person who saw how this man suffered before he died and didn’t care that she could potentially be infectious.

    • It’s obvious that Nurse Vinson and Nurse Pham were unaware of their infections, and that it even occurred to them that they were infected. After all, Ebola is supposedly so hard to catch. You’re supposed to catch it only by contact with bodily fluids of an infected person. I put it to everyone that that is simply incorrect, and that any one of us, knowing what we knew then, would have done the same thing.

      The problem is that we let Ebola into the country against all common sense. Now it is systematically being spread across the country. Where is the Surgeon General on this? What say the Administration? Something must be seriously going wrong to allow a situation like this to develop to take our eye off the ball of something else….

      • Yes, she did not have symptoms. But as a nurse, an educated nurse, she knew it was a possibility. Let’s say for sake of argument, the hospital did not tell them to stick around. We know they were told to self monitor. If I am told to monitor for an illness, that says to me that there is a possibility, no matter how remote, that I could become infectious.Ebola should have never entered this country. But it is here. It is time for people to act responsibly and think about others. It was 21 days that she had to put the safety of others ahead of her own desires.

        • As a nurse myself I think she should lose her nursing license as she has greater knowledge than the layperson regarding infection and spread yet she traveled regardless.

          • Full agree she should loose her license !!! That’s staraight up negligent behavior. 99.5 is a fever in an adult. Low grade but a fever non the less.

        • A 99.5 degree temperature is not a symptom… It definitely isn’t a fever. Most people aren’t the textbook 98.6 degree temperature… some are higher, some are lower. If she wasn’t over two degrees over normal, and wasn’t exhibiting other symptoms, there is no way she could have known.

          • She knew she had been exposed. And now they are finding she hid some of the other symptoms from reporting to the cdc. And apparently she doesnt have a naturally high temp because she called the cdc to report 99.5 as a higher temp. She was either a moron or willfully negligent.

      • Hard to catch, unless you’re handing bodily fluids of an infected person. This was an unbelievably selfish decision on part of Nurse Vinson. Especially to fly home with a fever, when Nurse Pham had been diagnosed. She showed herself to be nothing but concerned wih herself, her wedding, her situation. One would need to be a complete idiot not to correlate being “watched” for a highly infectious disease with also staying on the ground and not flying, putting more than a hundred people and their own families at risk.

      • Nurse Pham stayed home away from all people and as soon as she temp went up slightly she went to the hospital. Vinson ignored it and traveled cross country on a packed airplane. Either Vinson is a moron or willfully negligent.

  5. “Heroic” is a bit heavy handed. All heathcare workers are selfless to risk their own health while working with patients (I myself am a Dallas area paramedic), but Ms. Vinson became just as selfish as Mr. Duncan when she chose to get on a plane TWICE days after caring for the index patient. Heroism is negated when you make foolish, FOOLISH decisions.

  6. There is no mention that Amber Venson actually cared for Thomas Duncan or had any direct contact with him. She only worked at the hospital. If she had contact with him the government would be reassuring us of that and telling us not to worry.

    • No offense, but you obviously aren’t reading. She had direct contact with the patient. She was one of the nurses who cared for him in the two or three days before his official diagnosis. Try reading more than one or two lines in one story on any given subject. You’ll find out a lot more honest information that way.

  7. they called her a hero…when she knowingly entered a commercial airline full of people fully understanding that she had been exposed to one of the world’s most deadliest diseases less than 21 days previously? hero my a**.

  8. Amber Vinson a hero? Hell no. She is stupid! Who gets on a plane and travels cross country while “self monitoring” a contagious disease with a 50% mortality? I do not care if she was not told to not travel. She was to limit her contact. Have some common sense! Good job Amber, you just facilitated the beginning of the end. She should be charged with domestic terrorism. How stupid!

  9. If she lives through this, Take her nursing licenses away! She obviously is too dumb and dangerous to be caring for people.

  10. Vinson is not a heroic person. At the moment she is an attempted mass murderer.Vinson is not a heroic person. At the moment she is an attempted mass murderer.

      • Yea yea, black people are so dumb, but yet here you are not knowing the difference between “woman” and “women.” Have several seats!!!

    • I just read that she knew she had a fever when she boarded the plane. This person showed no consideration for humankind whatsoever..Knowing she had a fever and not careing if she exposed children, pregnant women, any and all humans. It was obvious that it was more important to her that she go visit her fiance. As far as I’m concerned this woman, (if she survives) should be charged with endangerment at the very least as well as lose her nursing license.

      • From the news reports here in TX, the plane she was flying in, made four more flights before it was pulled from service.

      • I simply wouldn’t call 99.5 degrees a “fever”. If she wasn’t exhibiting other symptoms, she would not have known she was infected. I’d bet half the folks reading this has at least a 99.5 degree temp. That’s just within the range or normal.

        If she thought she was infected, do you believe she would have gone home to visit her family and fiance? Some of you are either stupid, heartless, or just don’t think things through before spouting off. SMH.

        Now, if she was showing other symptoms when she boarded the plane, then she has a moral issue to deal with. Does anyone know the facts?

        • Anyone with direct contact with an infected individual was told to “stay put”. Knowing the mortality rate of Ebola, she should have done exactly that whether she was exhibiting symptoms or not. Is twenty-one days too much to ask a person to self-quarantine after providing direct care from a patient who just died from Ebola? Her temperature is a mute point. She never should have gotten on a plane until after the twenty-one days. As such, she has exposed many more individuals to this deadly virus. Now, just who is stupid and heartless?

      • What happened to her boyfriend? She obviously had to have had sex right?

        And why has there not been any reports on her condition since she wa admitted to the hospital.

        Something is brewing. I dont like this silence.

    • How the fuck did she get to Cleveland? They are only talking about her flight to Texas. Well all know how Obama hates Texas.

      • You are a very UNEDUCATED white person. How dare you attack a race that has fighten to prove that we are equal. Half of the things you used this morning were invented by a BLACK person. You really need to check yourself becuase if you dont see by now, this disease knows no color!! You should humble yourself and hope you’re not next. I most definitely agree that she was using the wrong side of her brain to get on that plane and could potentially put a lot of us at risk, but all water under the bridge now, we have to come together and fight this. White Black yellow or green, fcae it we all live as one and face the same dangers as everyone else. Grow up and wake up, Race wars are dead along with slavery.

        • Please state half the things invented by a black person, that you mention above, please. Just stating it doesn’t make it so. And as far as this disease knows no color and Race wars are dead, please tell that to the Rev. Louis Farrakhan who has recently stated that Ebola is a virus, created by evil whites, to kill blacks at the genetic level. I’d say it seems Ms. Vinson wasn’t using any of her brain at all.

          • Dr. Charles Drew – blood transfusions and blood storage.
            Dr. Daniel Hale Williams – the first prototype heart surgery.
            Garrett Morgan – Traffic Signaling Device and first patented Gas Mask.
            Percy Lavon Julian – medicinal drugs from plants.
            George Washington Carver – products from peanuts and other agricultural stuffs…

            I could go on and on…

            • /Vi99er, thats All bullshit. and YOU are stupid as fuck if you believe any of the shit you spewing. No doubt in my mind that you are a Crackbaby with a 65 IQ

            • Dr. Charles Drew researched in the field of blood transfusion and did develop improved methods of blood storage, but blood transfusion was pioneered by physician Richard Lower in the 1660’s. He made the first successful transfusions between animals during that time. Dr. Daniel H. Williams performed the second successful heart surgery, the first was a Dr. Henry C. Dalton on Sept. 06, 1891. Garrett Morgan did invent a type of traffic signal device, but the first traffic signal was gas powered and was manually operated in London in 1868. The first electric traffic signal device was developed by Lester Wire an American policeman out of Salt Lake City Utah. You are correct that Mr. Morgan’s gas mask was the first to be patented. His gas mask though was just an improvement on already existing models of the time. Chemist Dr. Percy Lavon Julian most definitely did add to the knowledge of synthesis of medicines from plants, receiving over a hundred chemical patents. However he didn’t invent the original processes, just improved on them. He was one of several pioneers of the era. George Washington Carver didn’t necessarily invent anything, as much as he improved on existing products and their cultivation. He was very observant man and saw where things could and needed to be improved. He was, you might say, one of the first environmental permaculturists. As for peanut products, he is best known for peanut butter or paste, but that to was in use long before his discovery. The Aztecs used a peanut type paste. A Mr. Marcellus Gilmore Edson, a Canadian, was the first to patent peanut butter in 1884. With all of that said, just because these men didn’t necessarily invent the things you cite, doesn’t mean that all of the men you’ve mentioned weren’t intelligent, thoughtful men. On the contrary, to see that something needs improvement and improving on it and then some, even when everyone else doesn’t seem to see the need, shows a great deal of intelligence and courage. I applaud them all.

  11. Uhh… Great. So she was treating Duncan, meaning she’s at least been contagious since Oct. 8th when he passed away, if not longer. Why are we only looking into her most recent flight? What about her original flight out to Ohio? Or all activity since she first made contact with Duncan or another nurse who had treated him?

  12. Wow. I am shocked at the level you have invaded Amber’s privacy. I went to school with her for ten years and didn’t know all of this.

    • As a nurse myself I think she should lose her nursing license as she has greater knowledge than the layperson regarding infection and spread yet she knowingly traveled regardless.

  13. Wow. I am shocked at the level you have invaded Amber’s privacy. I went to school with her for ten years and didn’t know all of this.

  14. Uncaring supposedly educated (In the Vast Left Wing Liberal Bleeding-heart Universities no less) people without nary a common sense bone in their thick heads as Ms Amber Vinson is prima facia evidence of the facts of how stupid narcissistic people without any care or consideration for others & caring only for themselves can & do & will spread a horrific disease just as they do in this Womens “Home” Country of AFRICA.

    You know what?? as incorrectly PC as this is about to sound?? These types need to simply repatriate themselves back to their “HOME COUNTRY” that they oh so quickly self-identify with.

    I emigrated from French Canada but I’ve not the hubris to go around forcing American’s to talk in French nor calling myself “French-Canadienne-Americain”.

    That you American’s allow this PC-crap to be palliated will be the Country’s down-fall.

    Any G*D Fearing person properly raised & steeped in conservatism and sober brevity would not have such a seared conscience to do as this women thought it “her right” & prerogative to do while endangering people in her narcissistic pursuits.

    I’m not even affiliated with hospital care however I am prudent & sober-minded enough to know that I ought to at least avoid being out in public had I even remotely or peripherally been around an ebola patient.

    What people lack to-day (Well constituted character) is what will spread this contagion.

    She ought to be charged with attempted Murder or at the very least aggravated assault.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Hell, if there was any sense left in the leadership of this nation, all flights and all persons from those hot-zone countries would have been denied entry. Even neighboring African countries aren’t allow them into their nations. Don’t worry about PC, at least not yet, we can still speak our minds here. It took Rome a few hundreds, after it’s apex, before it fell. With the way things are going the US could go in a matter of months. As you said, Stupid is as Stupid does.

  15. Better release the name of her family that probably contracted it as well. Especially Her fiancee. It would be obvious they exchanged bodily fluids.

  16. That Ebola “airborne” graphic is irresponsible, sensationalist and should be removed. It’s already a nervous situation without setting off more of a panic.

  17. How come they are only talking to the people on the flight from Cleveland to Dallas? How did she get to Cleveland? What about that flight? or did she drive?

  18. Why aren’t they telling us the flight number from October 8th as well? She obviously came to Cleveland with #ebola. As a frequent traveler in Cleveland, we need to know this. They need to quarantine any person she was in contact with over the past week. This is complete incompetence by our government!

  19. Man oh man people are getting dumber and dumber! How is she even allowed to fly, second why did we even allow an Ebola patient back into the US? Our Government is full of idiots and liars..

  20. How ignorant and stupid can someone be to do something like that? I am a normal Worker and I would not in my wildest dreams do something like that I would not even permit my family to be around me for the next 21 days or till it’s sure that I’m not contageous. You are no Hero you are just plain dumb!!!

  21. it’s amazing how a case of someone who put their life at risk to car for others has become a name calling match between those too self centered to give a darn whether anyone else has rights, and those who are concerned for others – this is a signal of the future – how about all you people who hate others having any medical coverage a all of you who don’t want nurses to travel or have any rights, take your damned guns and bigotry and move to a different country where they need your money and will tolerate your low IQ and idiotic postings. Make this country better and leave it, please, we don’t need your kind here.

  22. I am the brother of a nurse and can say from experience that nurses, in general, ike teachers, come from the pool of average students. Don’t expect brain surgeon behavior here or exceptional logic. I find Vinson’s behavior appalling and believe her nursing license should be rescinded and criminal charges filed.

  23. She is either a moron or willfully negligent. She called the cdc for an excuse to do what she wanted to regardless of common sense. If you called the fire department and asked if its ok to set your house on fire and they say its ok would you burn your home down? She can’t be that stupid.

  24. First…HOW is anybody who had contact with anybody who is/was sick with Ebola asked to VOLUNTARILY quarantine themselves?? This is idiocy! If the person should be quarantined you don’t make it voluntary! Second…yes, the CDC totally blew this in responding to her question about flying. Any person of average intelligence would have asked her to not fly, to come in to be checked out, and obsreved more closely for the next few days. But…the nurse was totally irresponsible also. Given what is at risk, and her knowledge of that given she is a nurse, she should have made her own decision to not fly and expose anybody to even the slightest risk! Her asking the CDC what to do is like my child asking me if its ok for her to go play in traffic. She knows better, and so do I !!

  25. What happened to her boyfriend? She obviously had to have had sex right?

    And why has there not been any reports on her condition since she was admitted to the hospital.

    And the media is not asking any questions about her either – as though they have been asked not to ask questions to prevent a situation from getting out of control.

    Something is brewing. I dont like this silence.