‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ – The Easiest and Fastest Way to Level your Light Up



With Destiny: Rise of Iron now released upon the world, everyone is rushing to try and get their light Level as close to 360 in anticipation for the new raid releasing this Friday. Thankfully, Bungie has offered quite a few ways to accelerate the process, though after many hours grinding we have found some ways to quickly raise your stats.

First off, if you are having trouble hitting 350 every vendor at The Tower are selling loot at exactly 350. This can be the best way to start yourself out if you have enough Legendary Marks to spare and infuse with. Also, if you saved up your engrams we can confirm they do drop at Rise of Iron Light Levels so you can use that to boost your starting Light as well.

One new aspect that might surprise veteran Destiny players is that the rare (blue) level gear dropped at the end of strikes or out in the field is actually quite useful. The gear has a good chance of being a point or two higher than what you currently own, which means infusing them that can be incredibly valuable. Don’t discredit them when you’re running through areas or deciding if grinding strikes is a good idea.

Speaking of, once you are around 345ish start running the SIVA Heroic Strike Playlist as this will be the fastest way to consistently level up. Yes, you can play in the Archons Forge or in PvP, but we’ve found playing through this playlist to have the best drop rates. Plus, if you nab Skeleton Keys at the end of boss fights you can use them on chests at the end of strikes to get high-end Strike specific loot.

This loot almost always drops far higher as both the Bond, Sniper Rifle, and Handcannon I received from these Skeleton Chests were at least 4 to 5 levels over my current gear. Do not pass these up if you see them and try to use keys on chests for gear that you need to level up. If you’re struggling to obtain 350+ loot for primary weapons, use a key at the end of a strike such as the Valus Trau’ug boss fight.

You can also obtain loot by scouring the Plaguelands and obtaining exotics weapons like the Gjallarhorn or thorn since they are guaranteed to drop at 350. Running the Heroic Strike Playlist and playing the Nightfalls are by far the best way to up your Light Level. Remember you do not need to be exactly the same light as the raid for Friday, but try to get within at least 5 levels of it before taking up this challenge. With some patience and a bit of luck, you should be all geared up for Wrath of the Machines. Best of luck to you Guardians.

With some patience and a bit of luck, you should be all geared up for Wrath of the Machines. Best of luck to you Guardians.

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