PHOTOS: Cody Bellinger’s Girlfriend, Melyssa Perez

After speculation had been brewing, Los Angeles Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger is reportedly in a relationship with a law student at the University of Texas-Austin.

Melyssa Perez, who’s originally from Friendswood, Texas, posted photos with the 22-year-old Dodgers player after a game with the two posing and laughing.

In the photos, Perez writes the caption: “If you think @cody_bellinger is good at baseball, you should see how good he is at getting on my last nerve #Dodgers.”

According to TMZ Sports, Bellinger and Perez have been spotted at multiple Dodgers games through the season, and he’s even brought her onto the field and into the dugout after and before games.

The TMZ report said Bellinger and Perez “were even seen getting kissy and cuddly after the Dodgers beat the White Sox earlier this week.”

Earlier this year, Perez made the move from Texas to Laguna Niguel, California, her social media profiles indicate.

Laguna Niguel is a suburb in Orange County about an hour drive from Los Angeles. It’s located in the San Joaquin Hills in the southeast corner of Orange County close to the Pacific Ocean.

Perez’s Facebook also says she’s a current volunteer for American Gateways, an organization that provides legal services to low-income immigrants throughout Central Texas.

The organization’s mission is: “To champion the dignity and human rights of refugees and immigrant survivors of persecution, torture, conflict, and human trafficking through exceptional immigration legal services at no or low cost, education, and advocacy.”

Perez posts many photos to her Instagram account showing that her hobbies include fishing, attending sporting events and spending time on the beach.

Here are some photos Perez has posted to her social media accounts:

InstagramMelyssa Perez

InstagramMelyssa Perez

TwitterCody Bellinger and Melyssa Perez after a Dodgers game.

InstagramMelyssa Perez

TwitterMelyssa Perez

TwitterMelyssa Perez

InstagramMelyssa Perez

InstagramMelyssa Perez

InstagramMelyssa Perez

InstagramMelyssa Perez

InstagramMelyssa Perez

I may have moved 1,371 miles away from home, but in just 15 hours I was reminded what it's like to be home again.

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Cody Bellinger is rowding up big crowds and beautiful Mexican beauties… Cindy’s Latina girlfriend is muy caliente

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