Spotlight: Good Songs, Good Shred

Skateboarding and music have been pals for decades, introducing both riders and bands to rest of us and probably each other as well. Things have gotten a lot fancier since the VHS days for both industries, but skate videos will never die. Here are some recent combinations of good song and good shred.

Panda Bear “Alsatian Darn”

If you like Animal Collective, you like Panda Bear, who’s real name is Noah Lennox. One of the creative souls that make up Animal Collective, this track is from last month’s solo release, Tomboy.

Animal Collective’s ATP Mix

To celebrate the upcoming All Tomorrow’s Parties they are curating, Animal Collective have put out a two-hour free mix with many of the artists playing the show. Its a good one.

Animal Collective “Brothersport”

Who would have thought five years ago that Animal Collective, one of Brooklyn’s most uncompromising experimental indie bands, would be as huge as they are? Sometimes the good stuff rises, I guess. Check out their new video for “Brothersport”.

Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind Review

It’s easy to write off Animal Collective’s Fall Be Kind EP as a cynical cash-in released to feed off the lingering enthusiasm still surrounding Merriweather Post Pavillion, their stunning crossover smash from earlier this year; it is, after all, only five songs long.