Bad Lip Reading of Joe Biden

What do we really know about Vice President Joe Biden? We know he has a fear of caramel hands and his friends want to shave his behind. Got that, potato brains?

Bad Lip Reading of Rick Santorum

This November, ask yourself, “Do I want a president who lives for specialty gopher meat and thinks fairy crutches are bullsh*t?” Choose wisely, America.

Bad Lip Reading of Ron Paul

So Cain is out and the Republican party is left with who? Newt, Michele and Ron? I don’t know about you but after Ron Paul’s childlike gibberish, he’s got my vote.

Bad Lip Reading of Herman Cain

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain stated in an interview that if elected, he wants his codename to be “Cornbread”. So this Bad Lip Reading really isn’t too far off.

Bad Lip Reading of Barack Obama

President Obama’s bad lip reading explanation of why he stole Beefaroni, garlic, peanut butter, etc. doesn’t make much sense, but it sure does sound presidential.