Take an inside look at Lars von Trier’s finale to his “Depression Trilogy,” starring Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Jamie Bell, Uma Thurman and Willem Dafoe.

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From Kerry Washington to Jimmy Kimmel, these are the biggest stars to get hitched in 2013.

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Christian Slater is now a married man. Check out the 5 Fast Facts on the unplanned nuptials to girlfriend Brittany Lopez and the 411 on their relationship.

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The Man enters Mexico with a satchel of cash, a bloody past and a plan to retire on a beach. Instead, he gets stuck in El Fronteras, a terrible and uninviting town. When word his money spreads to the local underworld he falls under attack from corrupt cops, gangsters and desperados and must push back retirement in favor of spectacular gunfights. El Gringo is one of the five films from the After Dark Action series to hit theaters on May 11th.

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Christian Slater gets the story of the centuries in Neil Jordan’s flawed but fascinating adaptation of Anne Rice’s novel starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst.

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When a group of high school students dig into their town’s past they unwittingly unlock an Evil that corrupts and destroys them, possessing its victims through video playback and using them for malevolent purposes.

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So young, so beautiful‚ so deadly! Here are a few movies available for immediate viewing on Netflix that may inspire you to watch your back whenever you’re around adolescents and their weird hormones that sometimes inspire them to do very bad things.

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Prison is even more hellish when Gary Oldman is running things in this brutal true-life account of the case that brought down Alcatraz.

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