At Super Bowl 2015, Danica Patrick appears in a Coca Cola commercial. The race car driver was also supposed to be in the GoDaddy commercial that got pulled. Here are her best looks.

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Discontinued ’90s soft drink Surge is back for the first time in 12 years and is available on Amazon. The first batch is already sold out.

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The McGillicuddy’s love Diet Coke, so they came up with a clever video using the current Coca Cola #ShareACoke campaign to announce their pregnancy.

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Who knows what he’s saying. He’s insane.

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Naya Salah is the Palo Alto 5th Grader who sang “America the Beautiful” in Arabic during Coke’s Super Bowl commercial.

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In an America where people are getting fatter and fatter, something had to be done.

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New Zealand woman puts the Coke in Coca-Cola…

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