How about a 3-foot tall Darth Vader you can use to greet your house guests? Or a color-changing lightsaber? Get ready to geek out over these great Star Wars toys!

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Star Wars’ social media accounts are filled with some awesome images.

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Don’t want to eat a chicken sandwich? Then prepare to have your throat crushed by the Force. Mwahahahaha!

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We ignored the voice of reason that said it was too dangerous to be done and compiled the awesomest of the awesome in 2011. Mullets, Snoop Dogg, photobombs, pepper spray and boobs await you.

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With today being Star Wars Day, we thought we’d continue to honor the Star Wars nerds out there with a little tribute to the man in black.

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Very few things surprise me these days. But when some guy dresses up like Darth Vader and robs a bank, it’s worthy of a gander. This may be the coolest thing since Point Break.

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