These Go to 11 Awards: A Year of Awesome

We ignored the voice of reason that said it was too dangerous to be done and compiled the awesomest of the awesome in 2011. Mullets, Snoop Dogg, photobombs, pepper spray and boobs await you.

Kenny Powers as Darth Vader Mash-up

Kenny ‘Motherf%%ing’ Powers has crossed over to the dark side. Which means we can soon look forward to some drunken lightsaber fights and Princess Leia in a wet t-shirt contest.

Darth Vader’s “Noooo” Movie Mash-Up

The George Lucas edit of adding “Nooo” to Darth Vader’s climatic final scene at the end of Return of the Jedi get’s lampooned once again in this epic movie mash-up. When will you learn, George Lucas, when will you ever learn?

Darth Vader’s Disney Domination

Now that Vader’s spent a day at the happiest place on Earth, maybe he can put that whole “take over the universe” shtick to rest. All it took was a ride on the teacups, who would’ve thunk it.

Darth Vader Does The Salsa

A man of many talents, Vader shows off some trombone skills as well as his salsa moves in what may be the strangest talent show ever. And you thought he was just some evil Sith lord, think again.

Chad Vader Cashes In On Laughing Babies

Yesterday was Star Wars Day, but we aren’t ready to say goodbye. So, we’re throwing up this video of Chad Vader cashing in on the Internet trend of laughing babies. Cuz that stuff is money in the bank for Vader.