The Raven Movie Reveiw

Life imitates art in director James McTeigue’s preposterous but entertaining gothic thriller starring John Cusack as drunken writer turned action hero, Edgar Allan Poe.

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Sound Of My Voice

Peter and Lorna, a couple and documentary filmmaking team, infiltrate a mysterious cult led by an enigmatic young woman named Maggie. Intent on exposing her as a charlatan and freeing the followers from her grip, they start to question their objectives and each other and they unravel the secrets of Maggie’s underworld.

The Raven Movie Photos

Check out photos from The Raven, starring John Cusack as a re-imagined Edgar Allen Poe, searching for a killer who bases his murders on the author’s stories. The Raven hits theaters tomorrow.

96 Minutes

Four lives are slammed together in a shocking moment. Intercutting between a carjacking and four separate stories, watch as they hurtle toward a life-changing end. Based on actual events.

The Raven Trailer #2

The lurid tales of Edgar Allan Poe are brought to life – and death – in this gothic thriller. A madman begins committing horrific murders inspired by Poe’s darkest works, a young detective joins forces with Poe in a quest to get inside the killer’s mind.

The Giant Mechanical Man

Janice is out of work and living with her sweet but overbearing sister, struggling to build a life for herself. Tim is a street performer whose unique talents as a “living statue” don’t exactly pay the bills but she recognizes a kindred spirit.


Danger: cuteness overload. In theaters Earth Day 2012, Disneynature introduces Oscar, a baby chimp whose playful curiosity lights up the African forest until a twist of fate leaves Oscar to fend for himself with a little help from an unexpected ally.


Over the last decade MMA has grown from a controversial gladiatorial sideshow into a billion dollar phenomenon eclipsing boxing as the dominant combat sport in the world. But far from Vegas, in gyms and low-rent arenas across America, the big lights are a dream as men fight to test their mettle, fortified with the mythic promise that any man can transform into a champion.

Think Like A Man

Based on Steve Harvey’s best-selling book the film follows four men whose love lives are shaken up after the ladies they are pursuing buy Harvey’s book and start taking his advice. When they find have been betrayed by one of their own, they conspire using the book’s insider information to turn the tables and teach the women a lesson of their own.