The Lonely Island “Ras Trent”

Lonely Island releases a jam dedicated to one of the most misunderstood religious groups: middle-class, suburbanite, white Rastafarians. Somebody’s gotta keep buying those Bob Marley posters.

The Lonely Island “Basically”

The Lonely Island are back and this time they’re busting out a slow jam for the ladies. Complete with skeezy ponytail and jean vest, straight up 1993 style.

Don’t Mess With Lonely Island

Silly us, thinking the Lonely Island guys were just a nice bunch fun-loving of comedy pals. Little did we know the bones playing, ankle sock wearing dudes were a couple of bad mofos with a bloodlust.

Lonely Island Gets The Bolton Treatment

Michael Bolton joins Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island crew for a song about the club… and Capt. Jack Sparrow. Looks like your mom’s musical choices were a lot cooler than you thought.

Saturday Night Live “I Just Had Sex”

When you score in any area of life the natural urge is to tell the world about your accomplishments. And if you’re Andy Samberg, you hire Akon and shoot a music video to shout it from the rooftops.

Throw It On The Ground

A classic from the Lonely Island Crew about not letting the man get the best of you. Let it be a lesson, kids, that isn’t your dad, it’s a cell phone.