What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend?

Party hard with Project X, laugh fitfully with Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, shoot ‘em up with Let the Bullets Fly and watch De Niro get his mojo back with Being Flynn.

Ken Jeong: Party Legend

As crappy as Project X is probably going to be, their marketing campaign of animation and tall tales of partying is pretty sweet. In this episode, Ken Jeong shares his story of possibly the most mild Vegas bachelor party ever.

Project X Red Band Trailer

Three anonymous high school seniors attempt to finally make a name for themselves by throwing the most epic party ever and it gets completely out of hand. There’s nudity, hard drugs, binge drinking, foul language and all manner of illegal behavior. From the guys that brought you The Hangover, of course.

Nick Swardson: Party Legend

Take a tip from Nick Swardson, if you’re going to party in an abandoned house, don’t invite your idiot friend who has a thing for molotov cocktails.

Snoop Dogg: Party Legend

Snoop Dogg recounts one of his fond party memories at the Playboy Mansion, or at least as much as he can remember. We’ll just have to take him at his word that it was off the hizzle.

Project X

From the guys that brought you The Hangover: Three high school seniors throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads.