The Real J. Peterman Trailer

Who would’ve guessed that the man behind the urban sombrero had such a sinister past? This trailer re-cut makes John Grisham look like storytime.


Kramer was a man of vision. Normally, that vision was never or poorly executed, but he had vision nonetheless. From the oil bladder, to the Beach cologne the guy was a thinker. Now his story can be told with the spoof trailer ‘Kramerica’.

Seinfeld’s World Domination

Jerry always aspired to great things like outsmarting Newman and running really fast, but the guy had more diabolical plans in mind also. This re-cut spoof trailer lay’s out his plan for world domination as Jerry The Great.

Little Kids Do Seinfeld

I’m not usually into cute kids doing wacky things, but this all-children recreation of Seinfeld is something pretty special.