Joaquin Phoenix plays a forlorn man seeking companionship with robotic Siri-like seductress named Samantha.

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Skateboarding and music have been pals for decades, introducing both riders and bands to rest of us and probably each other as well. Things have gotten a lot fancier since the VHS days for both industries, but skate videos will never die. Here are some recent combinations of good song and good shred.

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There’s something about those familiar asphalt driveways and picket fences that put us in a certain mindset—video directors know this well and push the button often. And it still works, even now as we’ve been swept back to suburbia too many times to count. Instead of calling trite!, we’ve compiled a few all-time favorites for your viewing pleasure.

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It’s another week of movies to bring home to your well-stocked cinema library, and this batch of new releases has a little something for everyone – from apocalyptic doom-glooming to trashy exploitation ass-kicking. Under the jump, my quick thoughts on the…

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Okay, so am I like a stunted man-child for being so psyched about Where The Wild Things Are? I mean, I’m not wearing Garanimals and playing Donkey Kong Junior or anything, it’s just that what could have been an unmitigated disaster of memory-ruining actually looks – pretty rad…

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