Spotlight: Good Songs, Good Shred

Skateboarding and music have been pals for decades, introducing both riders and bands to rest of us and probably each other as well. Things have gotten a lot fancier since the VHS days for both industries, but skate videos will never die. Here are some recent combinations of good song and good shred.

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Spotlight: T-Shirt Wars?

Friendly nods for graphic inspiration or straight-out ripoffs? While Congress has been over-worrying themselves with Internet pirates, there has been other plundering going on in the rock t-shirt world.

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Spotlight: Cover Love – Kate Bush Edition

Kate Bush has been out of the spotlight for some time, releasing her first album in 10 years just this week. With that in mind, here are a few tributes, classic wins, and the occasional amusing and/or unfortunate happening.

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Spotlight: The Art of Live Footage

A couple weeks ago we looked at videos made of found footage collages. Now, let’s look at videos where the band is live; front and center, and the videographers are producing so much more than the grainy concert footage you occasionally screen, wincing all the while.

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Spotlight: The Art of Found Footage

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Spotlight: Canada

The idea of isolating artists based on region (let alone country) seems a tad backwards, but simply put, we’re in the midst of another Canadian wave of music.

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Spotlight: Good Songs, Good Shred

Spotlight: Freaky, Dark & Totally Disturbing Music Videos

Spotlight: Why Were The Grammys So Terrible?

Award ceremonies are intended to celebrate the best and brightest talent, yet the shows themselves are often dull, lengthy and awkward. Although this year’s Grammy Awards clocked the highest ratings in decades (RIP Whitney), we were again reminded why we don’t really pay attention to these things. Especially this one.