The Mechanic Movie Review

I usually wait until the final paragraph before finally telling you whether the film I am reviewing is actually good or not. It’s pretty much the number one trick of the trade. This time, however, I can’t hold it back.

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Jason Statham’s Summer BBQ Tips

Mat 17th is the DVD/ Blu-ray release date for ‘The Mechanic’ and Memorial Day is just a few weeks later. Check out these Statham worthy tips to help you get a head start on the Summer cookout season.

Jason Statham, Super Human

Check out The Mechanic on DVD/Blu-ray May 17th and 10 photos that have us thinking Jason Statham may be some kind of super human.

The 20 Hottest Photos of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a Victorias Secret model, was named FHM’s sexiest women alive and replaced Megan Fox in the Transformers series. She’s dating Jason Statham who is the star of the Mechanic and I think we can all agree, one lucky man.

Fight Day and a Movie: The Mechanic

Fight Day’s Dave Farra sits down with Randy Couture to talk about Jason Statham’s new movie The Mechanic, and what it was like working with the action star.

What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend?

So this past weekend enough people decided they couldn’t find anything better to do than watch No Strings Attached, so we had a new #1 at the box office. Folks, I wasn’t lying when I told you the movie was excruciating. I put myself through the pain of these screenings so you don’t have to.

The Mechanic Movie Trailer

An elite hit man takes an apprentice under his wing who has a unique connection to one of the hit man’s previous victims. This movie stars Jason Statham, which means only one thing – head crackin’ will ensue.