Excitement and Drama at the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix

The 2012 Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix might have just been the shot in the arm that the IndyCar series has needed. They’ve been hoping to turn things around with a new car and a manufacturer battle on the track, but the ratings haven’t moved. But in the wake of Chevy pulling all engines from its team and a devastating crash early in the race, viewers seem to be on the rise.

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Neal Bates and His 1980 Toyota Celica RA40

Toyota Ambassador and former Australian Rally champion Neil Bates entered his fully restored 1980 Toyota Celica RA40 into this year’s Australian Rally Championship last weekend. This is some real choice hoonage.

DC Creates the Ultimate Motocross Truck

DC decided to build the ultimate truck for their motocross athletes so they got West Coast Customs to head up a build with a Toyota Tundra. They upgraded the truck to take whatever the off road could throw at it, plenty of storage for motocross gear, a pressure washer, an air compressor, and in true WCC fashion, a completely overboard multimedia system.

Tougher Than You Can Imagine

This motorcycle-riding, fire-breathing, armor-plated, rocket-launching wild boar and his lactose-tolerant ape sidekick have a few demands.

Finally, A Car For The 8-Bit Generation

At the American International Auto Show in Detroit yesterday, Toyota unveiled the FT-CH Hybrid compact concept, which they claim was inspired by video games. Here’s their official word on the matter: “Today, 8-bit is considered a specific retro-style tha…