You Won’t Be Seeing Windows RT In Samsung Tablets Any Time Soon

It was just a few months ago that Microsoft launched Windows RT with excitement and now Samsung is already questioning its use in their mobile and tablet products. Windows RT, for those unfamiliar with it, is Microsoft’s version of Windows 8 developed specifically for tablet devices, and was debuted with their own tablet, Microsoft Surface.

Mike Abary, Samsung’s Senior VP in charge of Samsung’s PC and Tablet Business, recently spoke with CNet stating that Samsung will not be releasing any Windows RT device in the U.S. anytime soon.  Just a few days ago at CES, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, joined Qualcomm’s Paul Jacobs during his keynote speech on Qualcomm’s stage. Remember the train wreck of a press conference? Well, if you don’t, let’s refresh your memory.

Ballmer says “The new Windows PCs, tablets, and phones, I think are stunning. Windows RT devices are the new addition to the family.”

Even after Ballmer’s bold statement, Samsung’s retail partners aren’t seeing a high demand, and  their consumers don’t see much value for Windows RT. Samsung are also stating that they aren’t ready to train consumers on Microsoft’s product.

One of the major selling points Microsoft gave for for Windows RT the ability for partners offer a lower-cost device, compared to devices that use a full-featured Windows 9. In order for Samsung to keep costs low for Windows RT devices, Samsung would need downgrade hardware such as memory in their devices, which Samsung doesn’t seem ready for.

Abary concluded: “We didn’t necessarily attain the price point that we hoped to attain. It’s not an issue on Microsoft’s side. It’s more an issue of how the product was built and some of the tradeoffs we had to incorporate in it.”

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