’s Best Cyber Monday 2013 Sales: Top 10 Deals

Cyber Monday at is here with a bang, well maybe not.’s style of doing things is that they slowly release items throughout the day. Here’s the best deals coming out within the next few hours. All times are EST, so be sure to plan accordingly, set an alarm on your phone, and get on these deals as soon as they are available.

1. Samsung 1TB SSD – $549 List, Estimated Sale Price $400


2. Lenovo Desktop, i7 Processor, 1TB Hard Drive, 8GB Ram, $700 List, Estimated Sale Price $500


3. HP Touchsmart Laptop 4GB Ram, i5 Processor, List $630, Estimated Sale Price – $500


4. Lenovo H530S Desktop, i5 Processor, 6GB Ram, List $529, Estimated Sale Price – $400


5. Dell 24 Inch LED Monitor, 1080P, List $119, Estimated Sale Price – $89.99


6. Alesis Electronic Drum Kit (USB), List $349.99, Estimated Sale Price – $279.99


7. Acer 15.6 Inch Touch-screen Laptop, 8 GB Ram, 400GB Hard Drive with 20GB SSD Buffer (Makes it Faster), i5 Processor List $699.99, Estimated Sale Price – $599.99


8. Samsung Tab Tablet PC, Windows 8, Atom Processor at 1.6ghz, 64GB SSD HD, List $722, Estimated Sale Price – $600


9. RCA 1080P 55 Inch, 120hz TV (Great for Games), List $819, Estimated Sale Price $700


10. Alienware 17 Inch Laptop, i7 Processor, 750GB Hard Drive, 8GB Ram, List $1549, Estimated Sale Price $1300


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