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    Alabama will hold a special election for U.S. Senate on December 12 to fill the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this year. Here's what you need to know.

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    Though the two are much alike in their ability to galvanize far-right voters, Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and Donald Trump have had little interaction with each other to date.  Here's what you need to know about Roy Moore and Donald Trump.

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  • Virginia Polling Hours & Key Election Day Info 2017

    Polling hours, locations, and other key info about Virginia's 2017 elections, including the state's highly competitive gubernatorial race.

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  • Hillary Clinton Won’t Run for President Again She Said Today & in 2009

    Hillary Clinton told BBC Radio 4's "Woman's Hour" on Tuesday that she would not make another bid for the presidency, but it's not the first time she's made that promise (and broken it).

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    Former President Barack Obama and wife, Michelle, celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary today. Here are some of the best photos of the lovebirds.

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  • Saudi Arabian King Salman Lifts Ban on Women Driving

    Saudi Arabian state television in conjunction with the Saudi embassy in the U.S. announced today that King Salman has ordered that Saudi Arabian women be permitted driving licenses.