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    Political power and a history of racism lurk behind the recent state takeover of the Houston public school system.

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    High-quality bus service is the fastest route to rapid, comprehensive public transit in the United States. This country was once a leader in bus transit, and with adequate funding, it could be again.

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  • War in Ukraine: 6 Lessons Learned a Year After Russia Invaded

    Considered to have one of the most powerful militaries in the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin has little to show for his invasion of Ukraine. Here are six lessons learned in the first year of the war.

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  • Starbucks Fans Are Steamed: Why Changes to Reward Programs Stir Up Anger

    Many Starbucks customers are irked by recent changes to its popular rewards program. But they may not have as much to complain about as it seems.

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  • How to Counteract the Harmful Health Effects of Sitting All Day: New Study

  • Why America Has a Debt Ceiling: 5 Questions Answered

    Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced the US will hit its $31 trillion debt ceiling on January 19, 2023. Economists and markets are worried Congress won’t act in time, which could trigger a financial crisis.

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  • ‘Spare’: How the Soap Opera Around Prince Harry’s Memoir Will Affect the Royal Brand

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  • Democracy Under Attack in Brazil: 5 Questions About the Storming of Congress & the Military’s Role

    The sacking of key democratic institutions in Brasilia, Brazil, by supporters of former president Jair Bolsanaro has parallels with the January 6 assault on the US Capitol but was different in one key way: the position of the military.