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  • Here’s How the COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy Is Working So Far in the United States

    Getting pharmacies more involved could be a game changer for the COVID-19 vaccine, particularly for reaching minorities, older adults without internet access and others left behind.

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  • Why COVID-19 Won’t Kill Cities

    Two scholars of cities explain why dense, urban areas will survive – and thrive – long after the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic ends, and even if they don't get a bailout.

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  • How to Stay Safe With a Fast-Spreading New Coronavirus Variant on the Loose

  • Black People Are 3 Times More Likely to Experience Pulse Oximeter Errors

  • Neighborhoods With MLK Streets Are Poorer & More Segregated: Study

  • How MLK’s Atlanta Church Became a Seat of Black Power for Generations

    Ebenezer Baptist Church has played a vital role in America's civil rights struggle. It was the spiritual home to MLK and now to Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock.

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  • George Washington Used His First Thanksgiving to Unite the Country

    For his first presidential Thanksgiving, George Washington aimed to pull his country together in the face of the many internal divisions that could yank it apart.

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  • The 2020 Election Will Shape Congress Through 2030

    When voters in November pick among the candidates for state legislatures, they are choosing the people who will make the new electoral maps for congressional elections.

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    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death has sparked a battle over the future of the Supreme Court. Against that backdrop, a nominee faces prescribed steps towards a confirmation vote in the Senate.