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  • New Speaker of the House Faces Political Peril With a Narrow Majority

    The Congress that ended on January 3, 2023, had 15 vacancies, a rate unmatched since the 1950s. If that rate continues, whoever leads the now-closely divided House will face trouble.

  • Commotio Cordis: A Heart Doctor Answers 4 Questions About Damar Hamlin’s Collapse

  • Breaking Bones as a Child Doubles the Odds of It Happening as an Adult: Study

  • 2022’s US Climate Disasters: A Tale of Too Much Rain – & Too Little

  • ‘Make People Better’: Documentary Spurs New Look at Case of First Gene-Edited Babies

  • Donald Trump Criminal Referral: What Does the January 6 Committee’s Action Mean?

    The House Committee’s criminal referrals show that the proceedings are not just about a historical record – they argue that Trump should be held accountable for four criminal charges.

  • What Is Title 42 & What Does the Law’s Looming Expiration Mean for the Border?

  • Bad Hangovers? Why Genetics, Personality & Coping Mechanisms Can Make a Difference

  • Looking Back on the 2022 FIFA World Cup: A Tournament of Surprises & Controversy

  • Nuclear Fusion: How Scientists Can Turn Latest Breakthrough Into New Clean Power Source

  • Buying Gifts? Why ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Could Be a Dangerous Option

    Offers of interest-free loans may sound appealing, but there are many risks as well.

  • Can Sending Fewer Emails or Emptying Your Inbox Really Help Fight Climate Change?

  • The Fed Is About to Hike Interest Rates Again – Why Are Mortgage Rates Coming Down?

  • Arctic Report Card 2022: The Arctic Is Hotter, Rainier & Wetter, Study Finds

  • Iranian Protesters Turn to TikTok to Get Their Message Past Government Censors

  • Feeling Forgetful After COVID? Study Shows the Virus Can Affect Short-Term Memory

  • What Is the Reichsbürger Movement? German Group Accused of Coup Plot

  • Measles: Why the World Health Organization Has Declared It an ‘Imminent Global Threat’

  • Fighting for a Future: Belarusian Regiment in Ukraine Stakes Its Claim on Democracy

  • Shorter Days Affect the Mood of Millions: How to Avoid the Winter Blues

    Research shows that young adults and women are particularly susceptible to seasonal affective disorder. A nutritional neuroscientist offers tips on how to avoid the winter blues.

  • Fatherhood Changes Men’s Brains, According to Before-&-After MRI Scans

  • Protests in China Are Not Rare – But the Current Unrest Is Significant

  • Where Mauna Loa’s Lava Comes From – & Why Hawaii’s Volcanoes Are Different From Most

  • Oath Keepers Convictions Shed Light on the Limits of Free Speech – & the Threat Posed by Militias

  • Banksy in Ukraine: How His Defiant New Works Offer Hope

    Banksy has unveiled six new works in Ukraine, created on the walls of bombed buildings.

  • World Cup 2022: Qatar Is Accused of ‘Sportswashing’ But Do the Fans Really Care?

  • Scientists Discover 5 New Species of Black Corals Living Near Great Barrier Reef

  • How Plague Reshaped Colonial New England Before the Mayflower Even Arrived

  • How Advertising Shaped Thanksgiving as We Know It

  • Why Is Turkey the Main Dish on Thanksgiving?

    A mix of New England and British traditions and historical events led to the particular poultry you’ll find on Thanksgiving tables everywhere.