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  • Commotio Cordis: A Heart Doctor Answers 4 Questions About Damar Hamlin’s Collapse

    Disruptions to the electrical signals that control a person’s heartbeat are dangerous, no matter the cause. A heart doctor explains the biology of cardiac arrest and what might have happened on the field.

  • Breaking Bones as a Child Doubles the Odds of It Happening as an Adult: Study

  • 2022’s US Climate Disasters: A Tale of Too Much Rain – & Too Little

  • ‘Make People Better’: Documentary Spurs New Look at Case of First Gene-Edited Babies

  • Donald Trump Criminal Referral: What Does the January 6 Committee’s Action Mean?

  • What Is Title 42 & What Does the Law’s Looming Expiration Mean for the Border?

    Title 42 has triggered criticisms from immigration advocates and public health experts. But some still want to keep it in place and delay accepting asylum-seekers.

  • Bad Hangovers? Why Genetics, Personality & Coping Mechanisms Can Make a Difference

  • Nuclear Fusion: How Scientists Can Turn Latest Breakthrough Into New Clean Power Source

  • Buying Gifts? Why ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Could Be a Dangerous Option

  • Can Sending Fewer Emails or Emptying Your Inbox Really Help Fight Climate Change?

  • The Fed Is About to Hike Interest Rates Again – Why Are Mortgage Rates Coming Down?

    The cost of borrowing for a home has fallen in recent months, despite repeated increases of the benchmark interest rate by the Federal Reserve. An economist explains the paradox.

  • Arctic Report Card 2022: The Arctic Is Hotter, Rainier & Wetter, Study Finds

  • Iranian Protesters Turn to TikTok to Get Their Message Past Government Censors

  • Feeling Forgetful After COVID? Study Shows the Virus Can Affect Short-Term Memory

  • What Is the Reichsbürger Movement? German Group Accused of Coup Plot

  • Measles: Why the World Health Organization Has Declared It an ‘Imminent Global Threat’

  • Fighting for a Future: Belarusian Regiment in Ukraine Stakes Its Claim on Democracy

  • Shorter Days Affect the Mood of Millions: How to Avoid the Winter Blues

  • Fatherhood Changes Men’s Brains, According to Before-&-After MRI Scans

  • Protests in China Are Not Rare – But the Current Unrest Is Significant

    Comparisons to current protests and unrest in China have been made to the 1989 demonstrations that led to the Tiananmen Square massacre. An expert on Chinese protests explains why that it half right.

  • Where Mauna Loa’s Lava Comes From – & Why Hawaii’s Volcanoes Are Different From Most

  • Oath Keepers Convictions Shed Light on the Limits of Free Speech – & the Threat Posed by Militias

  • Banksy in Ukraine: How His Defiant New Works Offer Hope

  • World Cup 2022: Qatar Is Accused of ‘Sportswashing’ But Do the Fans Really Care?

  • Scientists Discover 5 New Species of Black Corals Living Near Great Barrier Reef

    Black corals provide critical habitat for many creatures that live in the dark, often barren, deep sea, and researchers are learning more about these rare corals with every dive.

  • How Plague Reshaped Colonial New England Before the Mayflower Even Arrived

  • How Advertising Shaped Thanksgiving as We Know It

  • Why Is Turkey the Main Dish on Thanksgiving?

  • Missile Hits Poland, Killing 2: What Will NATO Do?

  • Why Some Like It Hot: The Science of Spiciness

    Human attraction to spicy food makes us an anomaly amongst mammals. Chilli is one of the most popular spices in our cuisines, but how the affinity for chilli appeared is a mystery.